The Devas

Part 2
By Duane Carpenter


In the spiritual achieves of the Masters we are told that human beings are grouped into many divisions and sub-divisions. One of the names of these groups is called “Beneficent Magicians”. It is to this group that this commentary is dedicated. They know who they are and they come in to assist the Great Lord of Love in the redemption of all planetary life.

“Some are on the teaching ray, and hold for your wise instruction much lore about the manipulation of the occult laws of nature, the laws that govern evolutionary progress, and closely allied with them are the devas of the concrete knowledge, the fifth ray devas. These latter are paramount in importance in this five-fold evolution of ours for they go to the building of the mind. They are principally found on mental levels and wield concrete thought matter for the instruction of the masses, directing thought forms, sending great masses of ideas and aiding the Hierarchy in their work of raising man from concrete to abstract mental levels, the immediate problem”.1

Sound, we are told in the esoteric teachings, is the originating power that creates all form life in its wide variety of manifestation. Sound is also the great destroyer bringing at the end of the final cycle all existence, (be it the tiny atom or a complete solar system) back to its original primal state of pure undifferentiated being. Between these two stupendous states of creation and dissolution there are seven lesser devic notes, rays of light and vibration frequencies that must be recognized and transcended in humanity's march towards perfection.

H.P.Blavatsky expressed this concept eloquently in the Voice of the Silence, verse 41, when she said, "Before thou set'st thy foot upon the ladder's upper rung, the ladder of mystic sounds, thou hast to hear the voice of thy inner God in seven manners." One of the essential requirements to treading the spiritual path of yoga lies in the capacity of the student to develop perfect devic hearing and sight on the inner planes of his own spiritual being.

No person can claim to understand reality or the one true self unless he has first seen his inner bodies shining and heard his inner sheaths vibrating. All great religious and metaphysical systems speak of these interior states of light and sound. Christianity speaks of the one Original Word; The Hindu Upanishads, the Soundless Sound; in Buddhism, the clear light of the Void. All advanced yogic systems have the same reference to inner esoteric sound and light. Let us list several of the more important:

Raja Yoga: A Yogic manual for mental training that brings the disciple to the 3rd initiation.

Mantra Yoga: Esoteric recognition and utilization of sound.

Nadar Yoga: The yoga of the inner sound current.

Tummo Yoga: or the yoga of the inner heat (heat, light and sound esoterically considered are synonymous terms).

Kriya Yoga: The yoga of the inner sound current and the circulation of the inner fires.

Laya Yoga: The yoga of the chakras or fiery force centers.

Daoist Yoga: The macro-microcosmic circulation of inner sound and light.

Agni Yoga: The yoga of fiery synthesis. When the chakra system becomes infused with spiritual energy from on high, the "solar man" will blaze forth in all of his glory. This is a particularly important yoga as the Age of Aquarius emerges demanding recognition that the three higher centers of the initiate, Will, Love and Intelligence be in full vibratory power.

Because of its importance Agni Yoga will be addressed in an additional commentary.

We have been told that the Hierarchy of adepts withdrew from physical contact with humanity because of certain violations during the time of Atlantis. As the “Great Wheel” turns new opportunities continuously present themselves to the dedicated disciple.  It must be recognized that the Masters remain ever accessible to those disciples and initiates who can make the necessary alignments. There is no time period in the history of the race that some advanced system of yogic training has not existed for man's opportunity to liberate himself, serve perfectly and find his eternal home in the centre of his being.

Not since the time of the Buddha has an opportunity to undergo the initiatory experience been so widely available to those who want to apply themselves and make the added extra effort. Between l975-2025 we have a new cycle of opportunity that has been called by the Tibetan as a ''gathering of the Arharts" within the outer world of men. Part of this externalization process will be the training of those advanced disciples in the techniques of energy recognition and manipulation. The recognition of the Deva Kingdom and their unique contribution of light and sound will be an intimate part of this work.

The goal of discipleship training according to the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has changed from soul consciousness to something deeper, broader and far more inclusive. The new teachings were given out along the following lines:

The building of the rainbow bridge, the Antahkarana in its two phases.

The nature of the intuition and its development as it supersedes the mind in its two aspects: concrete and abstract, lower and higher.

The nature of life as the Monad expresses it [Divine Will] .2

The emphasis of the future teachings for the advanced of the race will be on the will aspect of divinity intelligently understood and lovingly applied. The Tibetan also indicated that the majority of the teachings for which he was responsible for communicating was written for advanced disciples most of whom would not make their appearance until the last quarter of this century. We have been told that as disciples we must escape from maya, at the 1st initiation on etheric levels, glamour at the 2nd initiation on the astral plane and illusion at the 3rd initiation as it exists on the lower mental plane. All these difficulties are the result of humanity at different stages of evolution responding to the Deva Kingdom incorrectly. Much emphasis has been placed on the intelligent understanding of God's systems of laws and ethics and much progress made in the comprehension of the nature of love. Little has been brought forth on the nature of the will. Only as man develops his will (personal, egoic and divine) does he learn the method by which he can finally break free from the powerful grip of the devas which have kept him a prisoner of the planet. The elemental lives and involutionary devas that make up our threefold lower personality vehicles, and the three lower levels of the planet, care not what master they serve and are swept into our system to create the wide variety of form life that we experience. Until that central spark of spiritual will (which is potentially present at the center of the student's being and exists at the heart of all the chakras and psychic centers) is galvanized into activity, we are not free and cannot spiritually free others. Before the devas in their serried ranks can be transcended they first have to be recognized and controlled.

It is by an intelligent, loving act of will that this work can be initiated. It is this science of form manipulation and building that must be mastered by the advanced of the race who desire to undergo the initiatory experience. It is only through the Science of Telepathy, the Science of Impression and Invocation that this process of transmutation can proceed with any intellectual clarity and detailed accuracy. It is only through these allied sciences that the chakra or force centers can be activated in their fourth-dimensional capacity and their allied service potentials fully developed. Through the scientific development of the will in all of its many facets, the disciple learns the method whereby he may force his perceptions into the periphery of those initiating causes, or energy streams of which he presently knows nothing, but without whose assistance this magical process of redemption cannot take place. H.P.B. pointed out in The Secret Doctrine, that if you want to speak to the gods you must first learn their language. And what is their method of communication or language? They are numbers, color-light, sound and geometry - esoterically understood.

Meditation will be the  keynote of all advanced esoteric schools now forming and is a science that is essentially a forcing process in which the meditator attempts by an act of intelligent will, through the use of these mediums just outlined, to speed up or hasten contact with higher evolutions, understand their greater purpose and plans, and assist in the externalization process.

We have already discussed in Part I of this article the general nature of the devas, their relationship to the three-fold lower man and their place in the Macrocosmic-Microcosmic system. It is upon this earlier information that we will now expand. The methods of contact with the deva evolution must be made accessible to the advanced student without any essential loss to their high origin or true spiritual standing within the divine scheme of things. Any review of contemporary literature on this subject of the devas will confirm the prevailing gross oversimplification of their nature, work and method of contact.

The recognition of the deva or angelic evolution is a major facet of the Externalization of the Hierarchy. By the release of those denizens of the etheric, astral, mental and buddhic planes, the Christ will effect a great cleansing and purification of the lower kingdoms. Some of the Masters and their work with the devas can be classified as follows:

Master Morya: Ray I

While the Christ is generally considered to be the head of the 2nd ray ashram and the chief executive for the externalization program, it is often overlooked that the Master Morya (Master M.), working within the central stream of Shamballic force, is the subjective head of all the ashrams. The Christ wields the Rod of Initiation at the 1st and 2nd initiations. It is the Master M. who, as a direct representative of the Lord of the World, controls Agni, the high fire devas which are invoked at the 3rd initiation and beyond. Christ, K.H., and Master Jesus are responsible for most of the teachings to disciples along the 2nd ray line.

Master Morya, working in connection with Master R. and a number of other Masters, is the initiating impulse behind the development of all new 1st and 7th ray occult and initiatory schools now forming. Master Morya inspires national executives in all branches of the Great Work. He manipulates the powerful streams of force emanating from the Deva Lord Agni, and stimulates the higher head centers and base of the spine, through activation of kundalini, of all intuitive statesmen and 1st ray disciples. The devas he works with are predominantly gold, flame, and white.

The Christ: Ray 2

The Christ works with the devas of the high astral plane through second ray, ceremony and ritual. This can be seen working out through churches, cathedrals, temples and all groups who work with this magnetic and cohesive force. These devas of the emotional plane are primarily of a rose and blue hue. We have been informed that this energy of the 6th ray is slowly being eclipsed by the influence of the incoming 7th ray violet as a major approach to divinity. Because our solar system is 2nd ray in nature and humanity is still polarized predominately in its astral body. These sixth ray devas of the blue and rose will influence man's astral nature positively for an extended period. Eventually the devas of the astral plane will be superseded by the radiant yellow devas of the buddhic plane. In working with his own group of disciples the color most frequently given by the Tibetan for alignment and uplifting solar plexus energy into the heart center is rose. The rose of aspiration eventually culminates in the white of complete purification. After the 3rd initiation, a very advanced group of green devas are available to work through the astral body of the initiate.

Serapis: Master of the fourth Ray.

This member of the Hierarchy stands behind the great artistic movements within the world that are concerned with the beautification and perfection of form. We will know when this great fourth ray has done its work when the outer forms that the artist in the world manipulate become so ethereal and luminous that the inner light that those forms veil will shine clearly through. Only art that links the observer to the soul can be considered Aquarian art. The rest is simply the expression of some aspect of the creator’s personality or imagination. Mystical art reveals beauty while occult art reveals truth. The art of the future will be so invocative and spectacular it will move large groups of people simultaneously into new and expanded spiritual dimensions. Most of this Master's efforts and attention is given to the manipulation of the deva evolution and perhaps this is the reason why so little is known of his work. It has been said that the fourth ray, from humanity's standpoint, is the most luminous of the ray energies. This is because it is the first level upon which the formless levels (Rays 1, 2, and 3), make impact upon the material planes of Rays 4, 5, 6 and 7. Here, through the process of occult friction, the fourth ray and plane are fanned into a brilliant fire of radiant heat and light.

Let me give a colored image that will clarify this concept in greater detail.

Seven Ray groups of devic lives seen with their predominate color representations. The fourth ray is also the soul ray of humanity. Bright lemon yellow is the esoteric color attributed to the fourth ray and cream its exoteric color.

It is an important consideration when making these broad and general outlines on some of the Masters and their specialized area of work that we keep in mind that all Masters of the Wisdom work in a triple fashion (having triadic force at their disposal which we know includes all 7 of the divine rays) and that their work although influenced by their primary ray  nevertheless interpenetrates, overlaps and blends with all other ashrams.

Master Hilarion: 5th Ray

The devas are usually associated with the feminine rays yet they work on all the rays respectively. As we read from the opening quote to this commentary by DK some devas are on the teaching ray and responsible for disseminating information on the occult principles and laws that govern our Macro-Microcosmic system. The devas being the 3rd aspect of creation are manipulated and modified by the 1st aspect of will and consciousness which is the result of their fusion and interaction.  Hence Christ becomes the bridge or divine intermediary between an abstract deity and its most material creation. Consciousness we know is a mediating principle or bridge between opposites. Paradoxically there are great devas who have gone way beyond the human stage and exhibit both qualities of the human and deva evolutions equally and embody or express potent forms of 1st Ray force. These are called in occult parlance the great Maha Deva Lords. For humanity we know it is at the 4th initiations that these two evolutions human and devic blend and at the sixth initiation fuse perfectly on the monadic plane creating the divine hermaphrodite.

Master Hilarion works with those who are developing the intuition. He has under observation all those who are psychics of the higher orders and works with certain devas of the astral plane. The colors of those devas are rose and blue on the astral, yellow on the buddhic and blue on the monadic levels.

Jesus: Master of the 6th Ray

It is well known that the Master Jesus has worked extensively with the 6th ray devas of the astral plane. For this new cycle we are entering, he will work additionally with the violet devas of the 7th order. It is the destiny of the Master Jesus to guide Christianity (which is for all practical purposes a bridging religion) to have its intense emotional idealism guided by the advanced of the race into a more scientific and intellectual recognition of divinity. Included within these new approaches to divinity will be the ability to invoke and record devic force on the various planes. Although all colors are found on all planes the predominant color of the devas of the astral plane are blue and rose. This sixth ray influence will not simply cease to exist because the 7th ray is rising in ascendancy but as it slowly cycles out it becomes purified to such a high level as to become for the average minded spiritual person, a completely new approach to divinity, the perfect fusion of rays 5, 6 and 7.

This new religious orientation for the masses of men will not deny or repress intense emotional aspiration but intelligently refine it to its highest point of expression so that it may reflect perfect love, as it exists on the plane of buddhi which we know is the on fourth ray, and later the monadic plane, a great second ray plane.

It is an interesting fact that the initial destruction of the causal body of the evolving disciple, that although impulsed from higher levels, begins its destruction from the first atomic subplane of the astral counting from above down. We normally associate the astral plane as being lower than the mental yet if the rays and planes are seen as connected into an ascending  vortex or spiral we see that the highest subplane of the astral plane, subplane 1, is the crossover point to the  7th subplane of the Buddhic plane.

Master  Rakoczi: 7th Ray

Upon Master Rakoczi, who has temporarily undertaken the responsibilities of the Mahachohan (3rd Ray Master) during this new cycle of activity, will fall much of the responsibilities of this 7th ray work. The violet 7th ray "devas of the shadow," can only be manipulated safely within the group ceremonial setting. Each Master is the custodian of certain mantric sounds, which are devic in origin and are used in the respective initiation for which they are responsible. We may also look forward to new and more progressive forms of ritual and ceremonial work. With the aid of the deva kingdom and the scientific influence of the 5th and 7th  rays the emerging spiritual interests of humanity will be guided into a more rhythmic and mental approach to their essential divinity.

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul

D.K. is commonly identified with many 2nd ray projects such as World Goodwill, the New Group of World Servers, Full Moon meditations, etc. One other important area of work for which he is not well known, and for which he has been made responsible, is to be a main liaison officer for the externalization program. It is here in this area that he is coordinating many of the Masters' activities in a clear and intelligent manner. The strong affiliation the Tibetan has with the Master M. is often overlooked. In listing the newer truth for which he was responsible in treatise The Rays and Initiations (pg. 251) it might be of interest for the student to note that topping his list (numbered 1-7) is the teachings on Shamballa, and information as to the nature of the Will of the Logos. D.K. works with certain groups of devas of the ethers. It is with their help that many of the ills of humanity are being healed.

In summary we may say that the Rod of initiation is a symbolic representation of how the masters or adepts channel force through their respective centers and at the appropriate moment pour this occult fire, which is essentially devic life impulsed by the indwelling will, into the respective centers of  the candidate.

Meditation which is a prerequisite for all advanced schools of occultism done at least 3-5 hours a day is its first and most important curriculum to be mastered and is the method par-excellence by which man is put in touch with the deva evolution and the subjective side of life. When the forces that manipulate the outer forms are recognized, when cause and effect are linked together not merely through theoretical outlines but by direct irrefutable experience, then and only then will spiritual health come about through right balance and continuity of consciousness. How any system operates (be it the grand macrocosm or the tiny microcosm of our own individual selves) is dependant on our ability to understand how that organism (be it physical or psychic) was built, is sustained, and will eventually be destroyed. We have been told that the greatest occult truth that we must realize is that "all is energy". Studying character development and human behavior is the main preoccupation of contemporary psychology and forms a useful foundation from which to expand into the more esoteric side of reality. Eventually the disciple having done the preliminary work of personality integration will discover his higher and more expanded energy bodies and learn the techniques of energy transference in which personality force situated in the centers below the diaphragm are directed upward to the spiritual centers that are seated in the centers above the diaphragm.
The scientific transference of different grades of devic life from the lower centers to the higher in a certain geometric order can only be safely undertaken in the meditative state. This work should be considered the apotheosis of esotericism and should be sought by all those who are in preparation for the initiatory experience.
Meditation when rightly practiced reveals a number of important recognitions not easily understood unless proficient in this art. Let us enumerate a number of the more important:

1. Meditation reveals an important astrological key because it puts the meditator in direct alignment with the emanating source of spiritual life long before those higher forms of creativity become absorbed or diminished by the form side of life. It also reveals the cyclic opportunities through which these powerful devic forces, emanating from planetary, solar and cosmic sources are available for our use. All energy manifests itself in rhythm and cycles. He, who can unlock the divine relationship and mystery between numbers, color and sound will find the opportunity for release from the anarchy and chaos that exists on the lower planes and find much opportunity for service.
2. Meditation is the key to understanding esoteric healing because it clarifies how disease and disharmony are the result of a lack of soul contact or the wrong distribution of forces within any system, and that by an intelligent act of loving will within the meditative state those energies within that system can be harmonized and restored to full or free expression.
3. Meditation reveals the psychological key because it puts the psychologist in touch with the influence and forces that animate men’s personalities from interior and causal levels. Only meditation can align the psychologist with the level of the Soul where true healing and integration takes place. The science of the rays, which is in essence the science of color, sound and vibration classifies men into 7 major groups which can be further divided into 7 subsidiary groups totaling 49.
4. The creative utilization of sound esoterically understood and exoterically expressed through different type of service will comprise a new understanding or keynote of the next three rounds of development.

The Tibetan has pointed out that through the techniques of scientific meditation the Christ and certain of his high initiates will orientate and assist members of humanity towards a number of important recognitions. One of those recognitions will be an understanding of the angelic and deva kingdom.

Some of the contributions that the deva kingdom will make are:
a . “They will teach man to see etherically, and this they will do by heightening human vibration by interaction with their own.
b. They will give instruction in the effect of color in the healing of disease, and particularly the efficiency of violet light...
c. They will also demonstrate to the materialistic thinkers of the world the fact that the super-conscious world exists and that angels and men who are out of incarnation and possess no physical bodies can be contacted and known.
d. They will train human beings in the knowledge of the superhuman physics...
e. They will teach humanity how rightly to nourish the body and to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite food.
f. They will also teach human beings as individuals and as a race to expand their consciousness to include the super-physical... separating the veil of the temple which divides the physical plane from the unseen world...By the growth of the intuitional and telepathy and the increasing comprehension of the power of color and sound will the work of the Christ and of the great Ones be contacted and understood.”3

A graphic image that can help the student better understand this concept and importance of violet light in its four divisions from a more intuitive perception can be seen in the next image.

Visualization, and the picture-making faculty, are one of the key areas of focus and development of the new discipleship training that the student must understand as he moves into the new Aquarian cycle. The Tibetan has suggested that we must master through the eye certain charts, symbols and tabulations that show the amazing sequence of events man must undergo for his liberation from the material planes to take place. Only when the art and science of visualization is mastered can the 'science of vision" or pure light be recognized and ascertained.

“At the beginning of this period of recognition, men will principally contact the violet devas, for those of the higher ranks amongst them are definitely making the attempt to contact the human. These devas of the shadows are of a dark purple on the fourth etheric level, of a lighter purple, much the same colour as violet, on the third etheric level, a light violet on the second, whilst on the atomic subplane they are of a glorious translucent lavender.”(A Treatise on Cosmic Fire p- 913)

The phenomena of man's self-consciousness which psychology has attempted to classify or categorize are really different qualities of devic life that are at work in response to the indwelling will or spirit whose sole purpose is to galvanize all life forms into higher and more ethereal expressions of divinity.
Even the lower forms of elemental and devic life that hinder spiritual expression in the shorter cycle and give rise to what we generically call illusion, glamor and maya are fulfilling often blindly some aspect of higher will. This is one of the great paradoxes and mysteries of a dual system where two opposing forces can only be reconciled and harmonized when certain cycles have run their course and both antagonistic units united. Evil esoterically understood is the result of wrong alignment, incorrect magnetic polarity or the antagonism one unit of life develops with another until united by a superior or more advanced energy then itself. In the evolution of self consciousness nothing remains fixed or inert but all forms of life are constantly changing to meet the needs of the indwelling spirit.

This concept is particular important in the evolution of devic substance throughout the chakra systems be they human, planetary, solar or cosmic, where certain devic lives must be transferred from a lower center to a higher.
It is only in the meditative state that the deva kingdom can be contacted, and the one primary question of how one form of life can be slowly expanded or developed into what appears as a totally new and more dynamic organism answered.
Looking at the big picture it is under the influence of the devas that the mineral kingdom eventually through long cycles of evolution becomes a new classification or species we call the vegetable kingdom; and that the vegetable kingdom eventually merges into the animal kingdom, and the animal into individualized human consciousness. It is only by the assistance of the devas that base instincts can be raised through spiritual alignment to the level of creative intelligence and the mind in all of its many facets to the pinnacle of spiritual love and divine will.

Meditation reveals the nature of Fohat, the missing link between mind and matter, the missing link between inner subjective reality and outer gross forms. The influence of the seven rays and the devic force they convey may be easily recognized within humanity by certain outer qualities of character development or personality traits. The real or inner man must eventually become known by the meditator and revealed as certain emanating sounds or colored hues of light within one’s different chakras or sheaths.
The Tibetan qualified this concept when he said:
Every individual vibrates to some particular measure. Those who know and who work clairvoyantly and clairaudiently find that all matter sounds, all matter pulsates, and all matter has its specific color. Each human being can therefore be made to give forth some specific sound; in making that sound he flashes into color, and the combination of the two is indicative of some measure which is peculiarly his own. Every unit of the human race is on some one of the seven rays; therefore some one color predominates, and some one tone sounds fourth; infinite are the gradations and many the shades of color and tone. 4

Clairaudience and clairvoyance, which is the subject of such wide interest within the spiritual community at this time, can only be safely undertaken when the disciple or student is safely situated on the higher mental plane, otherwise one's development can become inundated by an endless series of glamour and illusions. There is a higher type of psychism that is beyond the capacity of even the most advanced disciple to comprehend at this time historically, but which eventually leads to one of the 7 Cosmic Paths. Here the manipulation of color and sound takes on a new meaning and a vastly different purpose. Yet all is lawfully carried out with the ranks of the angelic and devic evolutions.
Devic vibrations are essentially living strands of magnetic light and electrical sound that emanating from cosmic and solar sources descend to the furthest bounds of the Divine System and by means of the elasticity of their own nature create the occult bridges that allow consciousness to expand from one plane or ray to another without a break in continuity. This is why occultly following the One Path of Return we see how the four rays of attribute eventually become seamlessly merged into the three primary rays of aspect and the three triadic rays become the two (1st and 2nd ray forces) and these two rays finally culminate in the "eternal one" or original initiating primal ray. Too apt is the student to overly concretize this organic process that is characterized by continuous movement and spiritual continuity.

If one studies the multi-dimensional geometry of fractals and how from a main body many offshoots or tributaries can be seamlessly formed we can grasp this illusive truth. This is also true of the study of electricity and magnetism where we see a primary charge followed by secondary offshoots or discharges that can go of infinitely. (see this link for a visual demonstration of this idea:

The devic kingdom in one of its lowest and most elementary form is electricity as man understands the term hence the term “elemental” which occultism classifies as the lowest and most primary occult force in its wide pantheon of interconnecting energies and forces.

“The centers are formed entirely of streams of force, pouring down from the Ego, who transmit it from the Monad…. We must disabuse our minds of the idea that these centers are physical things. They are whirlpools of force that swirl etheric, astral and mental matter into activity of some kind. Because the action is rotary, the result produced in matter is a circular effect that can be seen by the clairvoyant as fiery wheels” …. (Alice A Bailey A Treatise on Cosmic Fire p-166)

Pictured here in symbolic form is one of the seven divine Rays, the 4th, galvanizing and drawing into its periphery a number of elemental and devic forces. The extreme heat, power and light bearing capacity of a Ray life causes the grosser forms of elemental and devic forces to become pliable and easily molded into different shapes and energy configurations that it so Wills.
Although the devas are given the generic name “the builders” they can only be brought into useful service and full functioning activity by the Will of some higher being or force than themselves. This is paradoxical since there are devas who work along the first ray line and have passed through the human kingdom in earlier cycles and are of the same stature as masters in the hierarchy.
Although infinite are the geometric shapes and designs, devic force can take or be manipulated into its primary state which is always in the nature of organic electrical streams that are seen as a spherical composite. When the student understands that the hidden occult universe is composed of many dimensions of different vibratory qualities we see that rotary and cyclic-spiral motion are the most economical patterns or shapes energy and force must take to be able to connect all of these diverse forces into one homogeneous whole, yet a homogeneous whole infinitely impressionable by the smallest activation of any of its other connected or constituent parts.
Under the law of Holism everything is connected to everything else, be it a tiny and humble ant or vast wheeling universes. If any unit of life, energy or force becomes temporarily confined to some ridged or inert state its flexibility is restored by the influence of more powerful forces then itself.

The science of occultism reduced to its simplest definition is the ability to find the occult bridges that link one life form to another and to follow all of these diverse grades of energy and forces back to their original cause. The rotating vortex as we shall explore in greater detail here and in other commentaries conforms perfectly to this requirement or need. The second aspect of deity expressed by cyclic-spiral motion although infinitely more complex because of its ability to include many dimensions simultaneously nevertheless conforms to the same idea of circulating and rotating forces. The only force immovably rooted in a stationary point one might posit is the 1st ray or “progressive motion” which, paradoxically is absolute stillness or no motion at all. (It is the hidden Laya point of Will around which the devic and elemental forces are magnetic drawn.)

Returning to our main discussion on meditation and the deva kingdom let us take a new look at the 7 divine rays outlined by DK in a new light remembering that a Ray is an expression of the 2nd or consciousness aspect which is the intermediary which emerges out of the fusion of pure matter and spirit. Many are waiting for the next phase of the Trans-Himalayan teachings to come when what has already been given has not been fully understood or explored in its higher aspects.

Let us add to this circular image of the rays how the planes might look cutting across the rays and creating a living tapestry or mosaic of interconnecting devic energies and forces.

It must be kept in mind that the devas are known for their psychic and intuitive fluidity and ability to seamlessly link and connect one level of spiritual life to another without a break in the continuity of their awareness. Man in contradistinction who is largely dominated by the lower mind and his indwelling will is known for his ability to separate, analyze and divide. When the two evolutions meet there is a great fusion in which both gain from each other and a new and more expanded state of awareness emerges.

Let us continue and explore in the meditative state on a more practical level how this magical process takes place.

After aligning with the high mental plane the disciple sounds the OM audibly. This will calm and center the physical and astral body, and still the chittas of the lower mental if it is sounding on the unique note of the personality or soul ray. Next, when he has reached a place of occult tension on the higher mental plane he sounds the OM inaudibly. This sounding in time through the law of sympathetic vibration will attract those more subtle devic forces that make up his inner sheaths or bodies or unique rays. Which devic group the disciple first contacts will depend on a number of different factors that relate to his evolutionary development and place on the Path. Generically and for simplicity sake we can say that the student first tunes his “etheric ear and eye” by recognizing the low and distant hiss associated with the devas of the etheric plane. There are four levels of devic life that the students must eventually learn to distinguish and differentiate on the etheric level as unique colors and sounds yet they are not separated by any clearly delineated concrete method.
This creative recognition of inner subjective life is the first contact with the deva kingdom and their electrical and magnetic constitution. This creative contact, however tenuous at first is a milestone and a pivotal point on the “Great Path of Return”. Now the student of meditation knows conclusively and beyond all theoretical outlines the energy source that infuses and animates atomic and molecular substance and the power that energizes his own etheric constitution.
From a dull whitish glow, clairvoyant perception of the etheric body eventually expands into the higher subplanes of purple and varying shades of violet. Solar prana emanating from the sun, which sustains and purifies the etheric body of the planet and man, is recognized as a golden orange light and emits a sound not unlike the low undertone of rushing water.
Noting this phenomenon or his own etheric note he directs his attention towards higher levels and eventually recognizes his own emotional note. Although the sound of this note will depend and be qualified by one's own unique ray constitution and coloring, they have often been compared to the distant murmur of water, the falling of rain, the buzzing of bees, or the distance hiss of wind heard as it passes through a grove of trees.
Although earlier Theosophical teachings give out the various principles of the rays and planes as different classification neatly dividing one from another, upon direct experience or emersion into these devic forces it is shown that they are often blended and exceedingly different to try and separate in any concrete way. Once this devic life-flow is entered it is more in the nature of one continuous electrical and magnetic stream that keeps widening and expanding. "Entering the stream" is an apt metaphor used by certain Buddhist groups that has a very real interior auditory parallel.

Although the student can discontinue their emersion into this devic life streams at any period in their meditation should they choose there is now the most exquisite pull internally towards an expanding center, words can only hint at and inadequately convey.
The entry into the devic life stream is clearly spherical, holistic or organic where there are no clearly delineated junctures where one stops or continues on this inner expansion.
Rather than building by intellectual analyses or deduction as takes place in the human kingdom, which is often slow and sequential, one is now swept up into the most exquisite sensations of wholeness of the emerging Self. Both techniques of intellectual building and devic psychic and intuitive emersion are needed by the evolving occultist to be balanced and grounded in both the human and devic evolutions.
The apprehension many mental types have in letting go of their luminous and brilliant thought forms (which paradoxically are also some type of devic life animated by Will), will be more than compensated for by a new richness and death of perception.

Historically the most important information concerning the devas will be given out by those initiates who have gone beyond the 3rd initiation. Why is that so? Because it is only after the 3th initiation that the emerging Master of the three worlds can fully contact and comprehend this parallel evolution and learn their secrets directly.
Although each unfolding initiation gives the student control over a paralleling devic or elemental force, 1st initiation desire or Agnichatans, 2nd initiation emotion or Agnisuryans, 3rd initiation lower-higher mind, Agnishvattas. All planetary avatars emanate from this 4th plane of Buddhi, Indra bring the healing forces that only the more advanced devas can provide. This is why it is only at the 4th initiation that the Master enters into the true mystery of the “Heart of the “Sun”. Here both evolutions the human and devic are merged and later at the 6th initiation fully fused.
It is only at the 3rd and 4th initiation the human unit is sufficiently protected from the devastating power and electric voltage that these higher groups of 1st Ray devas convey. Devas of such advancement that they may as DK has pointed out have already passed through the human kingdom in earlier cycles.
These facts interestingly give the Works of DK via Alice A Bailey their air of legitimacy and depth of profundity. They originate from a Master of the Wisdom (5th degree initiate) who is clearly fused with this mysterious and parallel evolution and can speak with authority. Many students to the mysteries have commented on the overwhelming nature of the Tibetan’s occult outlines and its often dizzying depth of intellectual classification and analyses. The more serious student knows that all this 5th ray information is simply a cosmological framework and base from which one can penetrate beyond the lower mind and connect with initiatory forces that comprise the best and most advance teachings of both the deva and human evolutions. There are certain passages that are given by the Tibetan Master DK on the devas and their method of work that are straight from the heart of the Deva Kingdom. Here is one of those passages:

The Listening Pilgrim
"Listen, O Pilgrim, to the chanting of the Word by the great Deva Lords. Hush all earth vibration, still the restless strivings of lower mind and with ear intent, hark to the sounds that rise to the throne of the Logos. Only the pure in heart can hear, only the gentle can respond.
The stormy sounds of all earth struggle, the shrill vibration of the watery sphere, the crashing note marking the place of thought, dims the sound and shuts out the tone. He who is silent, quiet and calm within, who sees all by means of light divine and is not led by light reflected within the threefold spheres, is he who will shortly hear. From out the environing ether will strike a note upon his ear unlike the tones that sound within the world terrestrial.
Listen, O Pilgrim, for when that sound strikes in colorful vibration upon the inner sense, know that a point has been achieved marking a great transition.
Watch then, O Pilgrim, for the coming of that hour. With purified endeavor mount nearer to that Sound. Know when its tone steals through the misty dawn, or in the mellow sunlight strikes soft upon the ear, that soon the inner hearing will become expanded feeling and will give place to sight and perfect comprehension.

"Know when the music of the spheres comes to you note by note, in misty dawn or sunny noon, at cool of eve, or sounding through the deep of night, that in their rhythmic tone lies secret revelation". (A Treatise on the Seven Rays vol. 5 p-764)

Next the sound of his mental note is heard.
“The sound of many waters will cease (astral plane). Then the sound of AUM which is symbolically spoken of as the "roaring of a blazing fire" and which is the sound of the mental plane will take its place. The word of the soul cannot be given except in the secret place of initiation”. 5

As the higher mental plane is penetrated it becomes like the blazing of an immense fire that is internalized and directed up and down the spine opening the higher head centers to a down flow of causal life. This radiating of solar fire becomes focused in the heard as the “vital airs” become activated and the cave of the heart within the head becomes irradiated. The student will recognize this expanding revelation as the egoic lotus in its three tiers that gradually opens to the will of the soul or inner jewel, now a reflection of the one Monadic will of the upper spiritual triad. The "Lost Word" or egoic note is now restored as the Solar Angel radiates through the lower attentive man, revealing the nature of the spiritual kingdom and the true destiny of man and all the lower kingdoms.
The lack of recognition of the soul note constitutes the crises that many Masonic and ceremonial organizations are now undergoing historically. If ritualistic magic in any of its diverse forms is not directed by those individuals who are soul infused and have an intimate understanding of this lost Word, work of this nature will largely be empty and meaningless.
It should be noted that when the plane of Buddhi is penetrated there is a great culmination or climax in which the initiate like the proverbial dew drop falls into the shining sea of nirvanic bliss. No more can “he be extinguished”; no more can he “occultly go out”. He has become a liberated Master of the 3 lower worlds and the soul body itself disappears.

HPB in the Secret Doctrine expresses this supreme moment of contact in this way:
"Behold, the mellow light that floods the Eastern sky.
In signs of praise both heaven and earth unite. And from the four-fold manifested Powers a chant of love ariseth, both from the flaming Fire and flowing Water, and from sweet-smelling Earth and rushing Wind.
Hark! . . . from the deep unfathomable vortex of that golden light in which the Victor bathes, ALL NATURE'S wordless voice in thousand tones ariseth to proclaim:
A NEW ARHAN ( ) IS BORN. . . .
Peace to all beings.” p-72
This passage from HPB had been deliberately chosen because of its reference to the 4th ray of golden light which emerges with great power at the fourth initiation. This important reference to the "vortex in which the victor bathes" is not some vague poetic metaphor but constitutes one of the keynotes of the many commentaries and artwork rendered by the author of this work. Also we see here the exquisite connection with the senses that HPB makes. The senses, which constitute a barrier in the early stages of development to the student but later flower into their higher correspondences and constitute a level of psychic sensitivity that will be a keynote in the development of certain ray types who are making their appearance historically. We will expand this thought in future commentaries and its relationship to the deva evolution.
Mystic literature, both East and West, is full of descriptions of these different levels of spiritual perception ranging from flutes, harps, violins, conches, bells, thunder or fire, etc.
The letters OM that we are given to meditate on or enunciate are an exoteric representation of this inner spiritual alignment and are an attempt to approximate the vibratory color-sound and color of this solar angel or life on its own plane. This is why correct intonation of one’s soul note will over time lead to the essential perception of the soul on its own plane. The Tibetan has advised the student to use the OM in the beginning of this work because it is primarily an expression of the 2nd aspect of deity and that the A.U.M. has a strong 1st and 3rd ray connotation. The "A" of the AUM or Will aspect of sound begins to slowly peal fourth directing the initiate towards those forms of identification that lead to Shamballa and the gateway into Cosmic realms.
As one's meditation deepens and his sense of hearing and inner sight becomes more highly developed his egoic group note peals fourth linking him with all other divine souls within the greater body of a Heavenly Man. From the high mental plane to the buddhic and eventually the atmic, the disciple ascends in a blaze of radiating sound and light. Mastering sub-plane by sub-plane of the deva evolution, level after level man elevates himself until he faces the one initiator, the Logos himself. Exploding with devastating power the One Great Sound of "AAA" now peals fourth through the gates of Shamballa. In a flash of awesome identification man refuses for all time to be a prisoner of the Cosmic Physical plane and ascends out of the tomb of matter making a choice to follow one of the 7 Cosmic Paths.
These descriptions are all oversimplifications of deep and profound experiences the evolving students will experience as they master, through the power of their wills, personal, egoic and monadic the devic and angelic kingdoms.
It must be kept in mind that in these descriptions we are talking about different degrees of spiritual phenomenon as the individual man begins to respond to the solar angel and the upper spiritual triad. In reality the disciple or initiate is actually entering into states of consciousness and “Identifications” for which there are no words or adequate descriptions.

It should also be noted that disciples and initiate along the first ray line of force respond more easily to interior sound, second rays disciples color-light and third ray disciples vibration-number. Eventually all three of these qualities will be developed to some degree and fused as the Master blends the three primary rays now unhindered by the lower quaternary form life.

These ancient sciences of Mantra and Laya Yoga which are intimately connected to Raja Yoga will be developed and presented in a new and more scientific way here in the West and will supersede the older and more mystical approaches to deity found in the East. I say this knowing there are many exceptions to this fact and many blended "Paths" that eventually lead to the “One Life”.
Little can be given out about these ancient sciences since they deal primarily with inner subjective work but it is worth noting that the Tibetan’s use of “Words of Power” given in the second phase of building the Antahkarana bridge, most closely approximates these Mantric phrases and syllables of the Egoic notes. The true Mantric notes or sounds of these different levels are held by the initiates or “Knowers of the world” who are responsible for the next evolutionary step that the advanced of the race must now take. During the divine initiatory experience the officiating initiate or Master and his sponsors direct the terrific voltage with its unique sound and color components from triadal levels, through his "Rod of Power" which although impulsed from the plane of Will is essentially devic in essence to one or other of the candidate’s centers.

When the word of power is known and rightly used the bridge is rapidly built. 6

All of these descriptions about interior sound and light emerge at some point in man’s evolution because he has developed his will; personal, egoic and divine and developed a scientific ability to discriminate between different qualities of devic life.
Without the development of the Will which we will elaborate on in a separate commentary the disciple is literally setting out on a vast and unchartered sea of devic life without so much as a rudder or method of steering his ship through a long and tumultuous journey that is soon to follow.
Many of the devic groups care not what master they serve and will dominate those, who invoke their healing fires but cannot simultaneously insulate themselves from their fiery and uncontrolled burning ecstasy or over-stimulation, or both at the same time. This is one of the many paradoxes of the occult path.
This is truly the passage across “the razor’s edge” that many a well-intentioned student has unfortunately been unable to negotiate. This “razor’s edge” comes in many forms and can be applied at each successive initiation having many individual applications. Or it can be a symbol of the sum total of humanity who must become detached from their watery-astral-emotional polarization and fuse themselves with the higher Aquarian energies that come directly from the soul.

The idea of movement or expansions of consciousness along waves of living sound or colored rays of light (remember color and sound are interchangeable and esoterically speaking synonymous terms) is far more literal than one might imagine.
The aphorism "Traveling on Wings of Sound and Light" can be interpreted as more than some vague poetic metaphor, but is one of the major keys to all occult expansions. If we may take the liberty to formulate this highly occult and esoteric process in the vocabulary of the personality we can say that there is no bridge that cannot be built, no road that cannot be travelled on the inner planes of one's spiritual being if the disciple understands the science of sound and light and how each level of reality, however humble in the early stages of its recognition, penetrates through devic vibration to the next higher level.

Let us now give a more scientific image and explanation of these 7 connecting devic principles and how they can each make their own unique contributions but still be intimately connected to a greater mosaic or whole then any of the single parts.

                                         Figure 3

(The seven colors we have chosen for the 7 planes are more closely allied with the 7 rays but for purposes of simplicity we have used them here. The subject of the planes and the rays and their mutual interaction we will expand later.)

As we can see from this illustration the Devas on any of the different planes 1-7 have a direct connection to devas on all the other planes through their mutual subplane coloring. For purposes of immediate comprehension this color relationship is all that we will give here but what can be said about color can also be said about sound, vibration and number.
To reiterate this chart through the written word we can say that those devas who preside over the 1st atomic subplane of the physical-etheric (the lowest) have a direct connection to devas who preside on the 1st atomic subplane of the astral plane who in turn have a connection to the devas who preside on he 1st atomic subplane of the mental plane. This same connection through the 1st atomic subplanes can be further extended to the 1st atomic subplane of the 4th plane of Buddhic, the 1st atomic subplane of the 5th plane Atmic, 1st atomic subplane of the 6th Plane Monadic, 1st atomic subplane of the 7th Plane Logoic and ending with the 1st atomic subplane of the Cosmic Astral plane which we know is the second of the greater Cosmic Planes counting from below up.
This is how all these apparently different levels of spiritual life that the devas embody can seamlessly connect. Each plane (as shown in the image above) has built into it a natural affinity and place of correspondence through its different subplanes to all the other planes.
Like attracts like and through the power of sympathetic vibration all levels can be connected. This is an aspect of the law of ‘supplementary seven’ seen visually and is the basis of how all invocation - evocation works. How one life form can invoke or align with a greater life if we are looking upward or if we reverse this process and are looking downward, we see how life from the highest levels descends and is distributed to a lesser life. I have used the phrase higher and lower but as we shall explore later in this commentary this is a misleading phrase of how the whole grand and elegant system may work through the contribution of the devas.
Figure 3 has shown an alignment between the 1st atomic subplanes of all seven planes (Red) the next figure 4 will show the same relationship only with the 3rd etheric subplane of each of the 7 divine planes (Green).
In figure 4 we also see one more fundamental difference that we have added and that is we have given the chart a new dimension by whirling and rotating it before adding the texts and numerical relationships. As incomprehensible to the viewer as it may seem figure 4 is the same identical image as 3 only spun at high speed. This spinning is not done in an attempt to create beautiful art but to reveal the foundation of a new occult science based on energy and force symbolized by colored images graphs and tabulations and not just words. This spinning will give the viewer an idea of the magic of rotary motion and how it affects the rays or planes with their unique colored hues of light. It will also help create a bridge from the concrete levels of the mental to the more abstract levels of the mind and the intuition.
Without this morphing from the stationary to the mobile it will be well nigh impossible for the viewer to grasp the essence of devas when we take this concept into full blown animation. If rotary motion best describes one of the key characteristics of the deva evolution in its natural state we may gain many new insights into these forms of energy by viewing symbols that are far closer approximations to their true nature then the older and more restrictive forms of presentation.

                                    Figure 4

These several graphic images can explain many of the apparent paradoxes to the occult student who is apt to overly concretize the concept of the devas, who should be seen as existing in a state of complete fluidity.

                                    Figure 5

Eliminating all texts we will add this last graphic image for meditational purposes.

The disciple who has done the preliminary work but is overly dominated by a wide variety of mental complexities and personality details must eventually discover the simple audible devic life stream that will lead him to the Source of all life. It has been said that the average spiritual aspirant cannot "occultly hear" because he simply does not know how to listen. He is so full of his own knowledge and power, so entranced with his own sweet voice that he is incapable of tuning into the subtler grades of devic life.
The Tibetan emphasized the need to recognize an inner silence:
One of the primary conditions that a disciple has to cultivate in order to sense the plan and be used by the Masters, is solitude. In solitude the rose of the soul flourishes; in solitude the divine self can speak; in solitude the faculties and graces of the higher self can take root and blossom in the personality. In solitude also the Master can approach and impress upon the quiescent soul the knowledge that he seeks to impart, the lessons that must be learnt, the method and plan for work that the disciple must grasp. In solitude the Sound is heard.7

There are 7 major Rays of divine sound and light each of which has 7 sub-tones and 7 sub-colors making the 49 levels that relate to the 49 builders of the sacred fire. There are 7 initiations for humanity; at each initiation a key devic color and note flashes and sounds forth. It is only in the recognition of these various notes and emanating sounds that the bridges into higher levels can be recognized and scientifically built. It is only in the recognition of these various emerging sounds and lights that the disciple can truly understand where he is situated on the occult path of return and what is the next step. Within light there is greater Light and within sound there is greater Sound. Only in these new occult sciences and their allied laws and principles can the trained white magician discriminate between these different qualities of vibration within a veritable ocean of devic substance.
The following charts and images and the different Masters Ashrams in which these energies and forces flow and their planetary correspondences may give some additional clarity to this idea.

                                    Figure 6

The Devas are the living vibrant wheels of electrical and magnetic life that make up the rays and planes from the highest levels to the lowest.

                                            Figure 7

It is important that the student see a larger panoramic view of the interconnectedness of all these seemingly diverse spiritual forces. Motion is the medium through which all occult lives change, grow and adjust themselves to the impact to those greater life forms then their own.
The survival and growth of any occult organism is the result of its intelligence, power, and innate flexibility. The rays and planes as we have demonstrated are not necessarily made up of petals as has historically been described, (although men’s thinking on this subject about their existence can have a reciprocal effect on the inner planes and actually create them in the different ethers) for those descriptions are only approximations. In reality and in their natural state the rays and planes are circulating bands and rings of magnetic and electrical life.

The idea of a chakra involving petals such as a lotus blossom may be said to be the closest physical approximation that men were historically given to grasp the illusive and ethereal quality of energy and forces that they would otherwise be unable to understand. True abstract thinking and intuition are so lacking in the average human being that lesser substitutes for true direct comprehension are invariably used by the teachers on the inner side.
This can equally be said of the different Masters and their various ashrams. Men out of their lack of true comprehension anthropomorphize the identity these powerful forces with pictures and historical data about previous physical incarnations that many of these masters of the wisdom may have taken. This is not to say many of the Masters of the wisdom have not had incarnations as certain historical people but too close of an identification with their personalities simply obscures profound and esoteric truths about who and what they are.


Quantum physics and theories about “strings” most closely approximate the illusive nature of the deva kingdom exoterically. As science penetrates deeper into the microscopic origin of energy and subatomic force much will be revealed about the lower grades of devic lives that have both a signature and recognizable identity. The following quote and prophecy by the Tibetan indicates the time has come historically when the deva evolution and science will meet on the lowest levels. This commentary is primarily directed at contact with the higher classes and grades of the devic life but these lower levels should be noted. It is from these new discoveries about energy and force that bridges can be built to the higher grades of the Deva and Angelic kingdoms.

“In considering these groups of Agnichaitans, we must remember that we are dealing with that manifestation of the Logos with which exoteric science is dealing, and that as regards Group C, science is already making fair progress in the accumulation of knowledge; it remains yet for science to acknowledge the ""entified"" nature of substance, and thus account for the life that energizes the substance of the three lower subplanes. This recognition by science that all forms are built of intelligent lives will come about when the science of magic begins again to come to the fore, and when the laws of being are better understood. (Alice A Bailey A Treatise on Cosmic Fire p- 637-8)
This “science of magic” and “the laws of being” DK is referring to have made their appearance in many diverse ways, far too numerous to mention here. Speaking in a scientific framework and in contemporary language we can say that these last 50 years have brought some amazing discoveries and advancements in Quantum mechanics and the new theories about strings or the M theory.

To begin with String theory postulates there many more dimensions to sub-atomic energy and force then previously understood and that these extra dimensions are curled up in super- symmetrical shapes such as spheres, donuts, vortices and exotic shapes such as the Calabi –Yau shape. Quoting from Richard Greens book The Elegant Universe p-386 WW Norton &Company. He describes some of the nature of energy found in these new string theories. These descriptions about energy and force and the super-symmetrical shapes they take are straight out of the innermost workings of the deva kingdom.

”Wave functions, Probabilities, quantum tunneling, ceaseless roiling energy fluctuations of the vacuum, the smearing together of time and space, …loops of strings and oscillating globules, uniting all creation into vibration patterns that are meticulously executed in a universe with numerous hidden dimensions capable of undergoing extreme contortions in which spacial fabric tears apart and then repairs itself”.

Mathematica Visualization - Calabi-Yau surface from string theory

“String Theory predicts the existence of more than the 3 space dimensions and 1 time dimension we are all familiar with. According to string theory, there are additional dimensions that we are unfamiliar with because they are curled up into tiny complicated shapes that can only be seen on tiny scales. If we could shrink to this tiny, Planck-sized scale we could see that at every 3D point in space, we can also explore 6 additional dimensions. The next link shows a Calabi-Yau surface which is a projection of these higher dimensions into the more familiar dimensions we are aware of. “ Extracted from Jeff Bryant’s website.
Additionally, from PBS’ NOVA website:

No matter by what name contemporary science gives these illusive electrical and magnetic forces they still fall into the category of the illusive devic forces that build, sustain and ultimate destroy all forms be they physical, or spiritual.

Is science and religion for the first time historically fusing? Or is quantum physics clearly the basis of a New World Religion that is still in its infancy hence its need to grow and mature before it can make its revolutionary contributions? A universal church that is based not on mere emotional aspiration, wish fulfillment or poetic fancy but on sound principals of spiritual law and a spiritualized science that clearly comes from the one and same source.

It is science that has to a large degree destroyed materialism, science and not religion that has proven conclusively that there are underlying fields of energy and force that unite all things to a common bond. The Holistic theories of the ancient Yogis, is emerging in its most exoteric form in the new quantum vacuum. Conventional religion and its many fanatical adherents will fade away as the 6th ray cycles out and in its place will rise a new 7th ray civilization based on the principles of a new science of energy and force.

Having outlined the importance of meditation in the recognition and manipulation of devic vibration, let us continue to enumerate several important areas that relate towards an individualized meditative approach. The occultist knows that to sit passively in the meditative state with high aspirations hoping something will happen of a constructive and positive nature is of little value in an Aquarian Age. The Eastern types of passive meditation that are taught here in the West are to a very large degree inappropriate for the Western type of polarization and can create in many situations a negative state in which unwanted forces may enter the meditator's aura.

It has been pointed out that the development of an Easterner should be the head center, having already developed somewhat his heart center, and the Westerner, who has already developed his lower mind should be focused in his heart center. The only way to achieve either goal safely is to first bring one's polarization onto the high mental plane. It is only from this superior position that the necessary outlines given in this commentary can be understood and the work scientifically initiated. It is the astral plane that constitutes the great test to the majority of students treading the spiritual path. An intense emotional nature puts the student who meditates easily in touch with a host of lower psychic glamour and prevents the true soul light from shining through. Passive forms of meditation without mental clarity and personal grounding are dangerous and can direct the student into a number of difficult areas not easily remedied. Let us create a brief outline of the work to be done:

  • In meditation, after drawing all of his forces up onto the mental plane the student sounds the OM audibly in the head, accustoming himself on the physical plane to the closest approximation to the inner egoic note. This is somewhat paradoxical since the student may not as yet know the note of his soul. It is for this reason the student is asked to familiarize himself with the OM, and eventually discover a color for visualization purposes and a mantric note that most closely approximates his or her own personality and soul rays. Enunciating the OM verbally is useful in the opening phase of the meditation because of its positive effect on the lower vehicles but it is not sufficient to organize or move mental matter.
  • The OM is next sounded inaudibly onto the high mental plane. This is a crucial factor for the penetration of casual levels.
  • Having stabilized the lower vehicles and attained this point of active mental invocation, the mind (maintaining its positive polarization) then becomes still like a limpid pool - listening. This curious active - receptive point of tension of the mental principle will only be fully understood when we realize there are five levels of mental energy or activity.
    The first lower two are characterized by the generation of thought-forms that literally have a certain shape, size and dimension. The higher three are more formless and characterized simply by the quality of potent fiery devic energy. Only by making the mind receptive to these higher three formless subplanes of the mental plane does the occultist build a bridge and achieve entry into soul consciousness.
  • When the divine Ego on its own plane hears our invocative cry by the correct sounding of the OM, and sees we have prepared a place for positive entry, he will turn his gaze towards the lower man and release Solar Fire. The disciple, if only for a brief moment at first, is then left with an indelible impression of that ecstatic note of his soul. It is this sonorous and creative sound and its unique coloring that he will need to know and remember if future communications with his Soul or Solar Angel are to be reproduced in an ordered and rhythmic manner. The Antahkarana or Rainbow bridge (which technically is a bridge of sound and light) has now been tenuously built between the integrated personality and the soul on its own plane and although much work still remains there is now something real or spiritually tangible upon which the disciple can now fix his attention.


The recognition of one's personality and egoic note is a prime factor in drawing the meditator's attention away with greater speed from distractions that are taking place continually on the lower levels of the mind and astral body. Just as two thoughts cannot exist simultaneously within a person's mind, it is also psychologically impossible for the human mind to detach itself from its normal outer field of experience without first anchoring itself inwardly in another higher reality. Once proficient in the art of meditation he aligns his attention with a higher form of life and begins slowly over extended periods of time to repolarize himself on that expanded level permanently. Eventually the meditator can fully reactivate the mind and the lower brain and train himself not just to receive these higher casual impressions but to be able to do so while simultaneously "thinking in the light of his own soul's luminosity." It is in this way thought-form building can take on a new power and versatility. This work is carried forward through the creative use of his own personality and soul notes and their respective colors.

A thought-form without the radiance of the soul fails to have the dynamic medium (color, vibration, sound), or the ray or beam of light upon which it can travel or be projected beyond one's personal aura. This is the secret of working with the devas or how telepathic communications can exist between those individuals who are working out the plans of the Hierarchy and are in constant communication amongst themselves. These individuals exist within a subjective grid of timeless lighted substance we call for the lack of a better word the soul. (See Dynamic Symbols 2)


In some unpublished papers of Alice A. Bailey given by the Tibetan Master in 1919 he gives her a rare invocation and alignment, (The only one in all of his works), where specific instructions are given to contact the Deva Kingdom. It should be used along with the allied information given through these papers on the devas only if the mind is sufficiently stable.


In visualizing the deva, you make a mental statement of the matter at issue, and ask for guidance. Then, in silent waiting, raising the consciousness as high as may be, inner conviction of the solution will gently come. Having intuitively grasped it, you may then employ the reasoning faculty and apply the solution to the matter at hand. When your intuition and your reason agree, then put in practice the advice donated. 8


Some mystical types through long and protracted meditations can be put temporarily in touch with different grades of these devic forces, but, lacking the specific techniques or the mental comprehension of how this whole process works, they are often incapable of causing its reoccurrence in some clear and coherent fashion. The mystic's failure to control this process of ascension must be compensated by a complete withdrawal from the smallest distractions within his outer life. The occultist who is trained in the techniques of energy transference knows that the inner solitude can also be found, but it is recognized within the power and penetration of his mind and will in most any environment. It is this will that by natural inclination powerfully narrow one's point of focus and exclude all external distractions and is never dependent or reliant upon some geographical retreat environment.

Steeped in centuries of mystical lore and aflame with emotional aspiration many students of the Ageless Wisdom search endlessly for the perfect mountain peaks upon which they can commune with God - overlooking the simple yet highly esoteric fact that the true cragged peaks and mountains of initiation are all within. No matter how long our physical travels or wide our spiritual journeys, we must always come back to ourselves - to that obscure Spiritual Self that lies waiting in the silence to be recognized and revealed.


In the meditative state the occultist does not simply shut his eyes and passively gravitate into more ethereal realms, but through the invocation of his will draws down into the personality through the mediums of color, sound and vibration, those forces and energies that are required for the redemptive process to take place. The lower concrete mind working in conjunction with the soul is used in two overlapping but distinctly different types of focus:

  1. By using the concrete mind positively through active creative visualization its normal propensity for distraction is eliminated. Through its use a line or cable of creative light is scientifically projected from the lower mental levels to the higher mental levels and eventually through the active-passive use of the creative imagination achieve the alignment earlier mentioned.
  2. Only when the higher sounds and notes emanating from the mental and buddhic planes are recognized can the lower mind safely add to its active upward focus a new and dynamic type of receptivity. Only at this point in the magical work is the disciple in a safe position to become open and receptive to the dynamic down flow of causal light and sound into the etheric body and lower mind. Because we are essentially speaking of a process of energy receptivity or transference, it is not easily recognized where the lower mind must make this pivotal but important change from active to active-passive. What we have just outlined is a paradox that all disciples must eventually work out in the crucible of their own individual experience.


Without continuous mental focus the alignment to higher levels cannot be initiated and one's polarization can easily descend onto the astral plane. Yet, if the lower concrete mind is allowed to dominate throughout the complete invocative/evocative process, one can never reach that dynamic point of stillness or receptivity in which powerful soul forces can flow down into the lower man.

We have been taught that physical purity, emotional calm and mental clarity are prerequisites for true occult meditation. Our ability to control our thinking process should never be the result of a forcing process by the personality's own power of individual will. It should be the result of the conformity of one's individual will with the will of the Divine Ego.

When egoic life descends into the personality its unique quality of light-sound will automatically clear the mental ovoid of all limiting thoughts or overly concretized forms. This is equally true of the emotional body; fears or states of irritation and depression are not controlled simply by the integrating personality alone. The threefold lower man, having done the preliminary discipline or work, creates an open and unimpeded channel between himself and the soul. It is this transforming power and light of the soul that sweeping down from higher levels, drives out unwanted devic and elemental vibrations from his lower sheaths, bodies or centers.

The Tibetan has pointed out that until the third initiation each person is possessed by one or other of three lower elemental forms of life. These elementals take up their habitat in the three lower vehicles, the physical-etheric, astral and lower mental vehicles and have a diametrically different path of involutionary development than the indwelling solar-man, and will use (until transmutated) the three-fold lower man to work out their own will or purpose. Building in higher etheric and sub-atomic devic substance and throwing out lower elemental forms of lesser life within the sheaths or chakra system is symbolized occultly by a wheel of energy that, turning at high speed throws out of the auric field the heavier devic and elemental substance and simultaneously draws in or down from higher levels more advanced devic energy and force.

Egoic alignment is the culmination of long cycles of mental activity and building, the more mystical approach is an attempt to bypass or skip the mental plane in the intense emotional longing to be at one with God.

Contrary to the opinions of conventional schools of psychology, the endless problems plaguing the human race cannot be eliminated or controlled by merely understanding the personality nature. Man needs the intervention of the soul that lies (for all practical considerations) outside of his normal field of experience. The discovery of the personality and Egoic notes and their use in creative alignment and meditation is the true light found at the end of the proverbial tunnel.


Esoterically speaking all magical work of the soul can be gauged by the quantity and quality of spiritual energy (high devic vibration) which, the disciple can evoke and draw into his various centers and how long he may hold that fiery point of tension until his objective and goal are reached. In time the disciple becomes so familiar, so completely identified, with the soul's note, light and vibratory frequency that the personality fuses with it and all the lesser sounds of the personality fade out or become what the Tibetan has designated as foundational or base notes.

It seems somewhat paradoxical to the uninitiated that the not-self (the personality) has the capacity to seek and find the real or Spiritual Self. This, however, is only a part of the great illusion. The personality, for all of its limitations, is a reflection of the real Spiritual Man who presides on the higher planes and contains latently the spiritual germ of the higher within itself. Until the lower man awakens to this Spiritual Self and knows these truths directly, he is forced, unfortunately, to identify with the lower and more restrictive self.

It must ever be kept in mind that the note or key to the greater is first found in the lesser. This is why any attempt to suppress the energy or force of the lower centers below the diaphragm (so typical of sixth ray religions) is fraught with peril. The only sure way to liberation and perfect world service is to transmute and elevate the lower into the higher.

Contrary to popular belief, during the initiatory experience we do not find a new Self totally divorced from what we have always identified as the old self, but find that our common and familiar personality identifications are fused with a whole new series of creative experiences and energy contacts. The mystic often interprets the revelatory experience as a "going up or away from the personal" the occultist interprets the initiatory experience as a "pulling energy down into and through the personality.”

It has been pointed out by the esoteric teachings that because our Solar and planetary Logos are in a state of meditation all of their corporate parts which comprise that vast system (although on a lesser scale and often unconscious of that greater creative process) will also be found to share in that same creative state. We know that all life or reality is composed of a series of energy relationships. All rays, all bodies, planes or sheathes are composed of atoms of force. This wide variety of atomic life does not exist independently of other life forms or each other, but will automatically by law have an affinity or relationship with those life forms on all other levels, be they on a more expanded level or a lesser.

(See this link for more additional clarification)


We have also explored how sound and color relate toward the individual in the meditative state and how this relationship relates to the plane of the soul. Now we will expand this outline on the devas and their unique qualities of color, vibration and sound and see how all these factors  relate to the greater macrocosmic system.


The aspirant and neophyte may find little of value in these higher outlines. To the occultist who applies these relationships to his own spiritual work, these correspondences become a field of future recognitions and revelations. God must first be intellectually defined before he can be safely and scientifically penetrated.


A few key quotations by the Tibetan will be useful:

One permanent cosmic Ray of our Logos Himself, and the sub-rays of his ray permeate His entire system. Six other cosmic Rays, animating other systems, influence ours, finding their reflections in the sub-rays of our logoic Ray. To these six cosmic influences our Heavenly

Men respond. They absorb the influence, being centres in the body logoic, pass it through Their schemes, circulate it through Their own centres (chains), and transmit it on to other schemes, coloring it with Their Own peculiar shade and qualifying it by Their own peculiar tone or note... From scheme to scheme, from chain to chain, and from globe to globe, this force or quality passes and circulates, both adding, and at the same time abstracting, and returns to its focal point with two noticeable differences:

  1. The radiating heat is intensified.
  2. The qualitative character or color is increased.9


An additional tabulation by the Tibetan further clarifies this theme of circulating energy from macrocosmic levels down into our planetary system in its fourth aspect (there are six other additional relationships that can be made on the six other levels, 1-3 and 5-7)

(See this link for additional clarity)

...I would suggest to all occult investigators the close study and scrutiny of the following manifestations in time and space:

  1. The 4th Creative Hierarchy: The human
  2. The 4th scheme: Our earth’s scheme
  3. The 4th chain: The earth chain
  4. The 4th globe: Our planet
  5. The 4th kingdom: The human
  6. The 4th round: The first human round
  7. The 4 Kumaras: Embodiers of humanity
  8. The 4th plane: The buddhic, the human goal
  9. The 4th ether: The physical correspondence to the buddhic plane


One fundamental sound is responded to by all these varied factors; it is the note that is the cause of their existence and the basis of their being. This note, if sought for and found, will bring into close alliance all of these factors till they are blended into a great occult unity; it will bring likewise into cooperation the band of devas who are the essences of the fourth human principal.10


Bringing this alignment down onto lower levels where humanity lives moves and has its personal being we see how this divine circulation of fourth level energy (qualified by color, vibration and sound), eventually finds its place of grounding and expression on the fourth sub-plane within man’s own etheric body.


The Fourth Ether of the physical-etheric plane.

It is the ether that the violet ray uses as a medium.

The fourth ether is that whereof the majority of the etheric bodies are made.

The fourth ether is largely the principal sphere of influence of the "devas of the shadow" or those violet devas which are closely concerned with the physical evolution of man.

It is the etheric sphere within which, at a little latter date, the human and deva evolutions will touch. (written in 1925)

From this fourth etheric sphere the dense physical bodies are created.

It is the sphere of physical individualization....

This fourth ether... has to be completely mastered and controlled by every unit of the human family before the end of this round.

It is the sphere wherein the initiations of the threshold are undergone, and the fivefold initiations of the physical plane are entered upon.


As knowledge of the four types of ethers is available, as the vibratory action of these ethers is realized, and as the details concerning their composition, utilization, light-bearing capacity, and the various angles from which they may be studied become known then paralleling knowledge anent the corresponding four cosmic ethers will be forthcoming. Much concerning them may be deduced from the already apprehended facts which relate to the four solar physical ethers. [Logoic, Monadic, Atmic, and Buddhic planes] 11




By looking at this fourth human etheric plane we can see how it applies in practical ways toward new discoveries that can be looked for in the immediate future of mans evolving sensitivity to the new and more expanded. Taking this analogy one step further we can find an important hint that the Tibetan gives that will, if used in a practical way, give us the opportunity to direct ourselves towards these interior states of subjective recognition.

"...The basis of all manifested phenomena is the enunciated sound, or the word spoken with power, that is, with the full purpose of the will behind it. Herein, as is known, lies the value of meditation, for meditation produces eventually that inner dynamic purpose and recollection, or that internal ideation which must invariably precede the uttering of any creative sound...

The Great Word, as sounded by the Logos of the solar system, and communicated to Him by His superior.

Three words committed by the Solar Logos to each of the three Logoi as follows;

The sacred A to Shiva, He who embodies the spirit or will aspect...

The sound U to Vishnu, God the Son...

The sound M to Brahma, Who…links in active intelligence spirit and form.

Seven Great Words, again based on the sacred three sounds A.U.M. These produced creation, or the manifestation of the seven planes of our solar system. They are committed not to human entities, but to the seven great Devas or Raja-Lords who are the ensouling lives of a plane; hence in the various initiations their collaboration is necessary before these key words can be committed to the initiate. 12


Let us now conclude this correspondence. We know one of the major goals for the advanced disciple is at this time is the recognition of his personality and soul rays and that these recognitions will eventually lead to soul, buddhic and atmic consciousness. If we know that buddhic energy or force is most closely approximated or conveyed by the great devic note MI, 12  and that this principle of love is embodied in the planetary logos Mercury an important hint is conveyed.

If we know this fourth ray of buddhi is carried forth primarily through the deva Lord Indra (the fourth plane), we can also understand the subsidiary devas (Raja-Devas, Agnishvatta-Devas), to name a few of the key ones, that She will work through. If we add to this relationship the fact that this fourth ray or principle of Buddhi has the colored light hue of lemon-yellow and works through the fourth plane which is designated by the Tibetan as the color violet 14  and is the true plane upon which the Hierarchy exists, much will be revealed to the discriminating disciple. With a one pointed focus, and through the laws of analogy, the disciple must follow the path of return to original initiating causes. According to the Tibetan, the Law of Correspondence is infallible if approached from a scientific point of study. See this link for a more expanded idea of the seven rays colors and their devic counterparts.


In this short series of quotations we have explored fourth level relationships from the Grand Macrocosm down to solar levels and eventually impacting man's etheric body on the four higher of his etheric sub-planes. All of the seven levels or rays can be worked out in the same analogous manner. It must be realized that the seven colored hues of light (the seven notes and vibration frequencies that proceed or emanate from out of this mysterious void of pure darkness which we call the Divine Will or Fohat) are found on all the various levels from the highest to the lowest but in different degrees of quality and potency.

This is the secret to the continuity of the whole divine system and how (through color, sound and number) every ray or plane is connected to every other greater or lesser plane or ray. The Tibetan has clearly stated that the seventh sub-plane of any plane or ray is transitional and connects to the first sub-plane of the next level. Each plane and each sub-plane which is numerically allied embodies the same type of force. The serious student should reflect on this fact for it might explain and bring together into a more comprehensive whole a number of isolated facts. We must remember that each plane or ray is characterized by one predominant note or colored hue of light but will have in its constitution six additional secondary or subsidiary notes or colored rays of light.

Every one of the seven rays or planes of our solar system and their corresponding notes or vibration frequencies should be visualized as a miniature rainbow of creative sound and color that is but a small part of an even greater Existence Who is also known by His own unique coloring and sound.

According to the Tibetan our solar system seen clairvoyantly from etheric levels is an immense Blue Lotus with seven centres and forty-nine major vibrant petals. The student should realize that it is the nature of the lower mind to define, to separate, and to divide so that an intellectual understanding of the various principles and laws upon which the whole system is built can be theoretically comprehended. This approach is necessary, useful, and according to law; but, eventually, there must be a synthesis of all this information on the high mental plane and recognition through the meditative state of how the whole system is connected together by devic force or energy.

The concept of static or clearly delineated levels or planes, bodies, and rays, although useful in the past and forming a necessary foundation, will one day give way to the sweeping panorama of creative cycles of motion and energy patterns - multi-dimensional alignments that do not begin or end with our written words, simple tabulations or charts but through the direct intuitive comprehension reveal "Life" in all of its facets as one grand sweeping panorama of electrical and magnetic fire.

If we know the seven subsidiary sounds which emanate from this divine triplicity (A.U.M.), or even general approximations and that these seven sounds are direct expressions of the Seven Ray Lords (Planetary Logoi) of our solar system, this information will reveal the seven corresponding Egoic Groups and their unique notes upon which all of the human family in its wide variety are found. From this information any individual who knows his personality and soul rays, their unique coloring and sound, and is in preparation for the initiatory experience can develop specialized techniques of alignment which will speed this transformational process scientifically and with a certain amount of accuracy. With this understanding of the nature of God and the constitution of man comes the opportunity to build on a lesser scale with the same principles and laws that animate the Logos, the Christ and the one Monadic life on their high level.

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