The Devas

Part 1
By Duane Carpenter


The story of the Devas is a journey through the veils of time and before. A journey that is epic in scale. For in telling their story, their nature, function, and importance can only be told within the context of how the universe itself and manifestation, in particular, works. Unfortunately, regardless of the magnificent intricacies and entangled complexities, man is forever limited in his expression of such thoughts by language. Words are the foundational containers in which thoughts are articulated. The conveyance of these thoughts can be further refined into languages of their own, such as those used in art, music, animation, verse, symbol, etc. Regardless of how specific a language becomes, it is still just an attempt to organize thought (a concept) in an intelligible, transmissible form that is as close as possible to conveying the truth it attempts to describe. Unfortunately, language is also the limiting factor in any attempt to do so.
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