Mount IndraLaya

From the Mountain top to the River, the energy flows, Shiva and Shakti blend and merge.  

Rose and I just purchased 58 acres in the mountains, 40 minutes from Nevada City, CA. We intend to use this this land to expand our group work on the physical plane in new and more dynamic ways.

The upper end of this property is situated on the crest of a mountain range in what is called the Washington area and on the lower end, borders the South Yuba River. The parcel is very steep, despite its challenges; this gives it a magnificent 300 degree view at the top. There are numerous places to put cabins with exceptional mountain and river views, and with the lower half of the property with actual river frontage. It also has three water sources, a high elevation year round spring which would be great for gravity fed gardening, a deep well, and the river which have all been professionally analyzed and found to be free from contaminates.

The land is very initiatory and electric with Shiva energies at the higher elevations and the lower levels that border the South Yuba River very Shakti in its energy. A beautiful combination of Feminine and Masculine together. This parcel of land seems to have a powerful vortex of energy at its highest elevation, and we hope in the future to use it as a retreat for group meditations and initiatory rituals and/or individual retreat. This land would also be perfect for writers or artist retreats.

The new and more advanced esoteric schools now externalizing will eventually find previously magnetized geographical areas and continue to build up that reservoir of power for present and future generations. We feel this may be one of those areas.

This parcel is surrounded exclusively by the Tahoe National Forest on all four sides giving it exceptional privacy and an amazing silence, perfect for meditation or hiking.

Indralaya, is a subsidiary project of the International Love Wisdom Synthesis Center, a non-profit group that is nondenominational and nonsectarian and seeks to have a Universal application. IndraLaya when further developed can be of value to all advanced groups who have demonstrated some type of service work as well as the spreading of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings in its many forms.

Michael Robbins and I had many discussions concerning the potential of grounding the University of the Seven Rays and much later the Morya School in CA. That go way back to the first USR PhD program that I helped Michael facilitate in 1990-91 with him and Dr. Robert Gerard.

When Michael later moved to Finland, and his health declined the chances of that happening became narrowed. Still holding that vision, I have spent many years from 1991 to the present looking for a suitable geographical area to ground advanced esoteric work. The hundreds of places I visited or researched unfortunately did not have the potency or power for an esoteric center, even if it were a preparatory or intermediate in nature, until now.

Although IndraLaya is not a part of the Morya Federation and has no legal nor technical affiliation with that important School, it does have the potential of fulfilling Michael’s earlier goal which was  to have an outpost somewhere in California where esoteric people could meet and have a more intimate one on one group experience in person.

The Morya Federation as well as the University of the 7 rays would be invited to attend or participate in any of IndraLayas functions or activities for free, as well as having the autonomy to initiate  their own unique and individual programs.

IndraLaya to offset expenses will rent out retreat cabins and facilities when it is not in use by the earlier groups just mentioned.

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  1. Thank you for courage, dedication … this is seventh ray avataric initiative…

    God bless and inspire you in this voyage to the horzon of spirit and matter! Amen.

  2. Dwane,
    This speaks to my soul. As mentioned before, after living for 18 years in Nevada City… there is a feeling of having been reborn there. May we meet there one day????✨

    1. Dear Susan
      Thank you for your comment.
      We will keep you posted on our progress.
      Yes lets meet when my partner Rose is back from her travels around the holidays.
      Light and Love

  3. A wonderful project ground in the light of service. To quote DK: “an extensive occult college in California in a place later to be revealed. This school will be one of the first started when the Great Lord begins His earthly career” Blessings on your work.

  4. A beautiful combination of Feminine and Masculine together, may you have all the Power of Good, the Universe IS on the side of the Divine Adventure! Love – Leni

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