Abbreviations for
Books by Alice A. Bailey
& Books by Helen P. Blavatsky
Abbreviations for
Books by Helen P. Blavatsky

SD1 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1. Cosmogenesis
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1893-1921.
SD2 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2. Anthropogenesis
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1893-1921
SD3 The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3.
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1897-1921
Also: The Secret Doctrine, Index to Vols. 1, 2, & 3
London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1895-1921

Abbreviations for
Books by Alice A. Bailey

IHS Initiation, Human and Solar
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
LOM Letters on Occult Meditation
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
CF A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1925
WM A Treatise on White Magic
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1934
DNA1 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1944
DNA2 Discipleship in the New Age - Volume II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1955
PH Problems of Humanity
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1947
RC The Reappearance of the Christ
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1948
DN The Destiny of the Nations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1949
GWP Glamour - A World Problem
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
TEV Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
ENA Education in the New Age
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1954
ExH The Externalization of the Hierarchy
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1957
EP1 Esoteric Psychology I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1936
EP2 Esoteric Psychology II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1942
EA Esoteric Astrology
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
EsH Esoteric Healing
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1953
R&I The Rays and the Initiations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1960
LS The Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1927
LH The Labors of Hercules
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1974
CA The Consciousness of the Atom
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
SM The Soul and its Mechanism
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1930
II From Intellect to Intuition
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1932
BC From Bethlehem to Calvary
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1937
UA The Unfinished Autobiography
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
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Dynamic Symbols II
The Vortex and the Path to Liberation
Part 4

Serpent Wisdom

Spiral Thinking with Straight Knowledge

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"There is no finality in the presentation of truth; it develops and grows to meet man's growing demand for light." (PH:139)
Reference to Serpents in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
Reference to "Serpent Energy" in Esoteric Astrology
The Serpent Symbol, Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pp. 102ff
Fiery Serpents, Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pp. 388ff
The Serpent, the Symbol of Initiation, Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1, pp. 435ff

O ne of the hardest ideas to understand about the occult path is that there is no higher or lower, up or down, in or out to these different spiritual dimensions that we so conveniently classify in our attempt to grasp the incomprehensible and hidden. Even these short commentaries contain over-simplifications and linear thinking, but this is done for the benefit of the student who is in the process of unfolding intuitive comprehension. For taken in their entirety and in the spirit from which they were written, they can help build bridges into more abstract realms.

Graphic by Duane Carpenter
Click to see larger image.

What is needed is a new and more synthetic type of comprehension. This I will call for lack of better words "straight knowledge with spiral thinking." Straight knowledge according to the works of HPB and DK is the ability to comprehend abstruse subjects with the awakened intuition and the revelation of the heart and spiritual will. Spiral thinking is the ability to think on these abstruse subjects with an ever expanding mental comprehension that never returns to the same departing place. Spiral thinkers are never satisfied with mere technical information but build a mental bridge that winds its way upward in ever more powerful arcs of synthetic comprehension until the antahkarana is built and the whole is realized.

No amount of linear study or interpretation can reveal that the hidden spiritual universe and all of its component parts are circular and toroidal in nature. The serpent energy and design so often referred to in white magic and alchemical traditions will not only reveal how any spherical (toroidal) life will interact with itself, but also how it will interact with all other spherical lives that inhabit or populate the inner spiritual dimensions and planes. It is the communicating bridge between higher and lower entities. This rotary and spiral-cyclic motion that characterize the third and second aspects of divinity eventually culminate in progressive motion that allows entry into the heart of the spiritual Will. Progressive motion eventually culminates in non-motion or the still point found at the center of all spiritual and rotating lives.

The lower mind can not discover that the hidden universe within is circular and toroidal in nature. Energetically, many students of the ageless wisdom live in a world dominated largely by lower mental analyses—an energy dynamic etherically composed of many interlocking squares that will become no more than a sophisticated and gilded cage if not expanded into the more powerful and rotating triangular web dynamic. Regardless of how informative and stimulating the lower mind is in the early stages of work, it can easily become the prison house for the higher spirit. Historically it is time for the occult academics to venture out into the spherical worlds of the higher mind and intuition, worlds which have hitherto been visualized as sequential planes one upon the other. We are attempting to show how the planes and the rays interact through the toroidal form. The vortex is the entry and exit point of all spheres.

Paradoxically the lower mind can create its own vortex shutting out the intuition or the light of the soul.

"The concrete mind hinders in another and more unusual way, and one that is not realized by the student who attempts at first to tread the thorny road of occult development. When the concrete mind is rampant, and dominates the entire personality the aspirant cannot cooperate with these other lives and diverse evolutions until love supersedes concrete mind (even though he may, in theory, comprehend the laws that govern the evolution of the Logoic plan and the development of other solar entities besides his own hierarchy). Mind separates; love attracts. Mind creates a barrier betwixt a man and every suppliant deva. Love breaks down every barrier, infuses diverse groups in union. Mind repeals by a powerful, strong vibration, casting off all that is contacted, as a wheel that casts off all that hinders its whirling periphery." (WM:81)

The image above, repeated in several other variations in Dynamic Symbols, gives us some idea of what is involved in spiral thinking. This rotating doughnut-shaped torus/toroid is a symbol of the seven rays and is composed entirely of rolling light-bands. It is the signature of God's inner bodies and how they can express seven distinct ray qualities but still be found within one integrated and fused spherical life of the indigo blue second ray of Love-Wisdom.

"toroids within toroids..."
A series of interconnected toroids that look
strikingly similar to a serpent design.

It is these overlapping concentric circles of the seven rays and the seven planes that crossing and criss-crossing each other in geometric and spiral patterns symbolize the illusive "serpent of wisdom." This serpent swallowing its own tail, the symbol of spiral-cyclic motion found within the movements of all occult lives, symbolizes how a greater spherical life will eventually absorb the lesser in time. This urge or impulse towards perfection eventually leads to progressive motion that culminates in the fiery heart of the spiritual will. The toroid or sphere has no clearly delineated beginning or end. Like all spiritual symbols it militates against easy assimilation but can become an important key if duly reflected upon.

I am reminded of the passage by DK that refers to changing humanity and the human ability to comprehend new interpretations of spiritual principles:

"The Path leading to omniscience is one of pitfalls and of difficulties. Has it ever struck you what complexities the Great Ones face as They deal with a constantly changing humanity? Principles remain eternally the same. But techniques and methods of presentation alter with each cycle, because the receiving equipment of man steadily alters and improves." (DNA1:347)

Toroids, fractals, and holograms are several of the best representations that can be found in the world at this time that describe and invoke these hidden and illusive spiritual lives and patterns of energy and force.

On the left, "Blue Rose" Fractal by William Wu

Why have the blooming lotus blossom and the rose been used historically as a metaphor for what is spiritually hidden and unseen? It is because symbolically they best approximate these illusive concentric and rotating lives found everywhere on the inner planes.

Torus Shell
Click to see larger image.

When you peel back one of the tiers of petals of the lotus or rose, which symbolize different levels of reality, another level magically appears, and then another until one has penetrated to the very heart or core of the mystery. Each of these venerated objects and all of their constituent parts are similar in that they are contained within an encompassing sheath that is toroidal in nature. The blue rose fractal image above, on the left, is a closer and more accurate representation of spiraling energy that is concentric and spherical in nature than the flower itself is. Each band or ring of the fractal suggests subtle energy the layers of which are superimposed one upon the other with increasing complexity, until we see an organism that has neither beginning nor end.

In the next image to the left we can see how by adding spiral-cyclic motion to rotary motion we get more of a three dimensional idea of these complex and interactive forces. One toroid rotates in one direction, another toroid rotates in a different direction, yet all are held together by the will of some superior toroidal force. All secondary toroidal forms will nest inside an over-arching parent.

This model, which helps physicists see the interaction of atomic and subatomic forces, can equally be applied to inner spiritual energy and force. The grand panorama of multi-dimensional occult forces and hierarchies that remain so well obscured to the average spiritual student are best described with the Biblical phrases the Tibetan uses in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire—"wheels within wheels" or "wheels turning upon themselves."

Another image of two different types of motion in one body is the infinity or figure eight symbol, which shows how any toroidal form or circular organism when pressured by outside forces can fold back upon itself by twisting a full 180 degrees and making two distinctly different circular forms that are still connected by one continuous common strand. By pinching the figure eight, this organism is not violated, nor does it lose its identity. It keeps its integrity by finding new geometric ways of occupying less and less space. The animation below is mouse interactive and demonstrates the versatility of the infinity sign. Velocity of spin and the toroidal form dominate every level of energy and force from the spiritual to the most mundane. The toroidal form is also relevant to the study of quantum mechanics and how tiny irregular loops of energy on quantum levels can change to suit a number of different magnetic and electrical situations or identities.

One of the key characteristics of inner force and energy is the ability to be pliable and elastic under a large number of different situations. Survival is not always attained by those organisms that are the largest or strongest but often those that can simply adapt and change.

Nature provides an endless array of meditative and exploratory designs just waiting to be discovered which may provide more multi-dimensional and holistic ideographs for understanding the evolution of consciousness.

Many shells like the conch and the nautilus have been used by spiritual groups, not only to illustrate the Fibonnaci sequence, but also to symbolize the toroidal form and chambered concept of the inner spiritual worlds, each one nesting or giving birth out of the other. The conch shell may also represent the trumpet of inner wisdom and interior sound. We should not see these toroids as physical things, but rather as conical shells of sound and light. When one spiritual sphere or toroid is penetrated there is always another more expanded one to explore.

More expanded realities for all of their etherealness are chambered into various multidimensional vortical toroids and spherical designs. The secret of initiation is to know where the crossover or entry points exists from one sphere to another, not an easy task because of their luminosity and ethereal construction, and also because of their vibratory intensity.

The artistic design from Bare Tree Productions of a toroid gives some hint on the physical side of the transparent luminosity and shape of certain occult lives that might exist on the inner planes. "Magnetic fire" is a curious phrase used by the Tibetan to explain the constitution of inner spiritual lives.

Click to see larger image.

The paradox lies in the fact that although each occult student of the ageless wisdom is enmeshed within a sea of exalted fiery lives on the inner planes, he is unable to register them in his mind or upon his etheric body and lower senses. This ability to register new energies and forces is done by the creation of the dual vortex and its subsequent vacuum. Here each student learns the technique of how to manipulate lighted substance and interior sound in its various viscosities and grades.

All esoteric religions have recognized these truths and reflected them back through outer symbolic tools and accoutrements used for rituals and ceremonies—objects such as chambered shells, horns, and certain types of vortical or spherical objects.

The portal to initiation is not linear and discovered by the lower mind by going from "here to there", but circular and spiral, a place that can only be fully entered when the lower mind recedes into the background and the higher mind and intuition take their rightful place in the student's life. Perhaps the inquiring student can remember in his youth when he first blew an iridescent soap bubble and watched it float weightless in the early morning sun, shot through with many transparent and translucent colors all vibrating and shifting. This iridescent globe could easily symbolize the beauty of the causal body.

The image to the right includes a quote by the Tibetan on the work that needs to be done in the development and evolution of the causal body, a description of occult truth that is equally poetic as well as informative.

"Therefore, you have at the moment of individualization, which is the term used to express this hour of contact, on the third subplane of the mental plane a point of light, enclosing three atoms, and itself enclosed in a sheath of mental matter. The work then to be done consists of:

    1. Causing that point of light to become a flame, by steadily fanning the spark and feeding the fire.
    2. Causing the causal body to grow and expand from being a colorless ovoid, holding the Ego like a yolk within the egg-shell, to a thing of rare beauty, containing within itself all the color of the rainbow. This is an occult fact. The causal body will palpitate in due course of time with an inner irradiation, and an inner glowing flame that will gradually work its way from the center to the periphery. It will then pierce through that periphery, using the body (that product of millennia of lives of pain and endeavor) as fuel for its flames. It will burn all up, it will mount upward to the Triad, and (becoming one with that Triad) will be reabsorbed into the spiritual consciousness,—will carry with it—using heat as the symbol—an intensity of heat or quality of color or vibration that before were lacking.

      "Therefore the work of the Personality—for we have to view all from that angle until egoic vision may be ours,—is first to beautify, build and expand the causal body; secondly to withdraw within it the life of the Personality, sucking the good out of the personal life and storing it in the body of the Ego... Then, having accomplished this, comes the application of the flame to the causal body itself and the joyous standing by whilst the work of destruction goes on, and the Flame—the live inner man and the spirit of divine life—is set free and mounts to its source."   (LOM:30-31)

The ultimate atoms depicted on different inner levels or planes will also display this hidden dynamic and translucent beauty. All organisms or spiritual lives are held together out of the tension of opposing poles. Without this creative tension the walls or enclosure of the rotating vortex cannot be created. Walter Russell, who elaborates quite extensively on this dual reciprocal process, is undoubtedly a great genius who is largely unknown by most contemporary esotericists.

Click to see larger image.

To align with any spiritual life greater then your own you must approach that greater entity from the correct direction of magnetic polarity. This process is further facilitated out of an understanding of correct motion, color, or sound. If these laws are not understood or violated one can easily be repelled away from that very force one is seeking to align with.

The vortex or vacuum that the disciple creates in the etheric body during the initiatory experience is an extension of what the disciple is simultaneously doing on the mental plane as he attempts to create an unimpeded alignment from the highest levels to the lowest.

Click to see larger image.

This alignment is done first out of the fusion of the personality ray with the soul ray, both of which are rotating vortices. When these two combine and make their approach to the Monad, after the third initiation, the solar angel will fade out because the three lower aspects of the personality are now in contact with the higher notes of the triad. The three rays of the lower personality—physical-etheric, astral, and lower mental—now have a direct and unimpeded relationship with the upper triad—atma, buddhi, and manas. All of these different stages are facilitated by the creation of a vortex.

The next image on the left shows the same relationship and fusion of the upper spiritual triad with the lower material triad through the great enunciated triple sound of deity, the AUM. The A symbolizes the Will or Father aspect of deity, the U the Son or consciousness aspect and mediating principle, and ending with the deep undertone of the M or material Mother aspect.

We see how sound creates the vortex and is the method of invocation, and sound is the means whereby man makes his ascent into the higher reaches of the divine. The six-pointed star is a geometric symbol of six creative sounds, the lower three being those of the personality and the higher three representing the upper spiritual triad, which over time are mutually attracted to each other. All these bridges are built out of sound and lighted substance within the vacuum and dual vortex toroid. In fact, as we shall demonstrate, the three lower rays of the individual man are simply extensions of the primary notes or these upper triadic sounds. We say that we build from here to there with an active mind and directed will, and although this is true, we equally discover that this building process is simultaneously taking place from subtle levels towards the gross. The idea is not simply to create these alignments solely from the personality's position, but to open to the creative work that the spirit is attempting to do on its own plane to contact us. There must be some tenuous thread, however fragile, between the three upper principles and the three lower principles, or a human being could not have come into existence. The art is to find these hidden bridges of sound and light, and through the meditative state cause these bridges to swell in power and quality. This is the more dynamic side of the invocation-evocation process and one not easily discerned in our normal field of observation or experience. The mind is the mediator and building principle in all occult work, but at some point unless the lower mind is subdued or relegated to a more secondary place, it will prevent the more causal and triadic realization from emerging.

Click to see larger image.

The rod of initiation so often mentioned in connection with the initiatory experience is the shaft-line-bolt of fohatic will of one or other of the seven rays that are responsible for the transmission of this spiritual force. The vortex-vacuum-sphere is the defined rotating space into which or through which this fohat descends. When the meditator and the one being invoked or contacted have created a dual vortex between each other, one drives lighted substance from above down in a rotating motion, the other drives another vortex from below up. In their place of meeting an intermediary zone is created that allows this transmission to occur. This vortex is built in the meditative state out of the understanding of the laws of invocation-evocation, alignment, and the esoteric use of color and sound.

This empty space or vacuum created is surrounded by a confining wall within which the electrical currents of Will, Love, and Intelligence, depending on the initiation taking place, will be released into one or other of the centers or bodies of the meditator. The dual vortex is a crossing over place or a creative intermediary zone in which spiritual energy can descend, meet, and blend with matter, and matter can rise up, meet, and blend with spirit in its different and diverse frequencies.

In this next animation we see two spherical lives come into each other's common orbit or energy bodies. Having similar energy fields, they are attracted—"like attracts like and opposites repel"—and they irresistibly enter into a spiraling dance which climaxes when the two fuse and blend into one. It is the ultimate destiny and fate of all life forms to experience this fusion on progressively higher and more expanded levels, so it is important that the serious student try to understand how to best facilitate this hidden process with the help of charts, tabulations, and particularly animations. Let us give an important quote that gives insight into the dual spiral nature of divinity and yet clearly indicates this duality is always found within one complete and integrated unit of life. This is not an easy paradox to reconcile or understand through the lower mind with its inherent resistance to the comprehension of organic wholes.

Spirals Spiraling
(The sound on this first video is loud.)

Xeno Kraka VII from Martin Stebbing on Vimeo.

"Even in this definition, one can recognize a certain paradox of the spiral: it is, so to speak, the geometric symbol of two divergent, opposing movements, a kind of frozen time-geometry, a capturing of the temporal in the spatial. As we consider it further, the concept of 'speed' separates into two components: something reaching outward, in one direction, a vector, and something that holds itself in, with a circular tendency. Or one can also say that in the point moving on the spiral, two elements constituting the spiral meet: an element of direction (angle) and an element of distance (from the central point), whereby temporal turns into spatial in both cases. Thus the more or less 'dynamic' behavior of all spirals is understandable. It arises from those two divergent tendencies of the linear striving forward and the circumpolar circling, the expansive and attractive." Online source at

Let us follow this important statement about the sphere and the dual spirals with another powerful quote given by Lawrence Blair, repeated from one of our earlier commentaries on this subject:

"Spirals are the actual shape of fluid energy evolving order out of chaos. Even the two dimensional spiral reflects its connections with the higher dimensions of growth. It both begins and ends in infinity; it is a continuum which mirrors the harmonic ebb and flow between the polarities of positive (+) and negative (-), as well as between the polarities of infinite contraction, at the center, and infinite expansion, at the periphery. In a three-dimensional spiral—the spherical vortex—the opposing infinities dissolve into one another. It is visibly infinite; its beginning is joined to its end, it perpetually spirals into and out of its own middle, its center and its circumference eternally alternating their roles.....With its simpler spiral sisters, it is the form of order which exists of the very brink of non-existence; the most passive (manipulable of elements (water, gases, even electrical fields), from a smoke-ring blown from the lips, to a drop of milk released into placid water. The mushrooms which materialize in the field are governed by the same vortical laws as the mushrooms which de-materialized most of Hiroshima and Nagasaki...."
Lawrence Blair. Rhythms of Vision: The Changing Patterns of Belief New York: Shocken Books, 1976, p. 72

By zotin95. Forked from enok's Golden Spiral - at

The color is mouse activated.
Squares spun at high speed overlap creating a series of triangles. These revolving triangles eventually create a series of multi-dimensional stars.

The next series of quotes by the Tibetan describes the creation of a vortex, funnel, or vacuum all the way from an individual application to much wider macrocosmic alignments. These are helpful in understanding the basis for a new scientific and seventh ray religion—an approach to the divine that is based clearly on a science of energy that includes geometry, motion, color, sound, and vibration.

Additional quotes on
The Funnel and Vortex Formation in Meditation

"The first postulate to remember in considering the collective use of form in meditation is that those forms, in employing sound and rhythm, should open up a funnel of communication between those taking part in them and the Intelligences or Powers they are seeking to approach. By the means of this funnel which penetrates from the physical to the emotional, or still higher to one or other of the mental levels, the Intelligences or Powers are enabled to pour forth illuminating light or power of some kind or other into those who thus approach Them. The funnel forms a channel whereby the contact can be made. The whole process is purely scientific and is based on vibration, and on a knowledge of dynamics. It is dependent upon the accurate formation, through occult knowledge, of a vacuum. The occult statement that 'Nature abhors a vacuum' is entirely true. When through the correct intoning of certain sounds, this vacuum or empty funnel between the higher and the lower is formed, force or power of some manifestation of fohatic energy pours into the funnel under the inevitable working of the law, and, via that funnel, reaches its objective." (LOM 191-92)

Try this full screen.

This rotating sphere is made up of a number of important designs in motion:
1) crossing bands where points of light flash forth; 2) many interpenetrating spheres; 3) dual spirals and conical concentric shells that keep overlapping, interpenetrating, and fusing; 4) seven rotating bands that come to a common point.

"The causal body is that sheath of mental substance which is formed at the moment of individualization by the contact of the two fires. The force or energy that pours through from the higher planes (the breath of the Monad, if you care so to term it) produces a vacuum, or something analogous to a bubble in koilon, and the sheath of the causal body -- the ring-pass-not of the central Life is formed." (CF:506-07)

In this video we see two vortex rings coming from opposite directions colliding. During impact a number of smaller vortices or rings are radially projected out. These smaller rings are duplicates in miniature of the colliding parents. This propagation of numerous offspring hints at the abstruse and hidden dynamic of how energy and forces may be dispersed or stepped down in a hierarchy of descending forces on the inner planes.

"When the Personality finds for itself (after lives of stress and search) its spiritual note with the right key and subtone, what is the result? It accords with its monadic note, it vibrates to the same measure, it pulsates with the same colour, the line of least resistance is at last found, and the indwelling life is liberated and. returns to its own plane. But this work of discovery is very slow and the man has to pick out the chord with infinite care and pains. First, he finds out the third of the Personality and sounds that forth, the result being an ordered harmonious life in the three worlds. Then he finds the dominant fifth of the Ego, the keynote of the chord, and sounds that in unison with the Personality note. The result is that a vacuum is formed (if I may so express it) and the liberated man with his informing soul,—the threefold spirit, plus mind and experience—the Three completed by the Quaternary and the Fifth, escapes upward to the Monad. It is the law of attraction demonstrating through sound. Like to like and kind to kind, driven thereto by unity of sound, of colour and of rhythm." (LOM:57)

"A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter, resembling a funnel. This funnel is formed betwixt the one who sounds it forth and the one who is reached by the sound. There is then formed a direct channel of communication. You will see therefore why it is that these forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keys concealed. Their indiscriminate use would but result in disaster. A certain point in evolution has to be reached, and a similarity of vibration somewhat achieved, before the privilege is afforded the pupil of being custodian of a mantram whereby he may call his Master.

"There are also seven mantrams that are known to the three Great Lords and the Heads of the Hierarchy, whereby They can call the seven Planetary Logoi, or the seven "Spirits before the Throne" as They are called in the Christian Bible. One of these mantrams, which causes contact with the Logos of our planet, is known to the adepts as well. So the scale is mounted, and the Words are sounded forth, until we reach the mantram of our planet, which is based on the key of the Earth, and embodies a phrase which sums up our evolution. Each planet has some such note or phrase whereby its guides may contact their Planetary Logos. The seven Logoi in Their turn have Their available ritual or form whereby They can communicate with the threefold Lord of the Solar System. This is done always four times a year, or when urgent need arises.

"Once a year the entire Hierarchy employs a composite mantram that creates a vacuum between the highest and the lowest members of that Hierarchy and on up --via the seven Planetary Logoi -- to the Logos Himself. It marks the moment of intensest spiritual effort and vitalization during the year, and its effects last throughout the intervening months. Its effect is cosmic, and links us up with our cosmic centre." (LOM:164-65) [The Tibetan is referring to here to the three great spring festivals with particular emphases on the great Taurus Wesak Festival of the Will.]

"October 25, 2008. An explanation of how dophins make these silver rings is that they are air-core vortex rings. Invisible, spinning vortices in the water are generated from the tip of a dophin's dorsal fin when it is moving rapidly and turning. When dophins break the line, the ends are drawn together into a closed ring. The higher velocity fluid around the core of the vortex is at a lower pressure than the fluid circulating farther away. Air is injected into the rings via bubbles released from the dophin's blowhole. The energy of the water vortex is enough to keep the bubbles from rising for a reasonably few seconds of play time."

The integrity and the versatility of the vortex ring can be seen in the dolphin video above. It shows clearly how one type of substance or force can exist within a heavier and more inert one if it maintains its forward rotating conical/vortex design.

Hassim Haramein, in his award-winning paper "What is the origin of spin?" (2004), makes this comment on the nature of spin which is the basis for the vortex formation:

"'But where is the space-time torque coming from?' i.e., 'Where is the engine?' The answer is, just as we think of the spacetime curvature generating gravity as a density increase in the presence of matter energy, we can think of the torque force of the curvature of space as increasing as density increases. Thus, the torque comes from a change in density (or gradient) in the geometry of space time."  (

This idea of torque outlined here by Hasseim has been known by esotericists for thousands of years and is the basic postulate of how motion is created on the inner planes. As the out-breath of deity is initiated, a myriad of manifested forces emerge and become progressively heavier in their atomic structure and weight as they descend down through the different hierarchies of rays and planes.

Because these energies or forces are not dispersed uniformly on the inner subjective levels, resistance is created which leads to twisting or turning that develops pockets of rotary motion. Torque comes from motion, but motion ultimately originates from something else, an initiating point of God's innermost will of which we know nothing.

The rays and planes have different vibrations, gravity, and weight differentials as well as different types of light and sound-bearing capacities, so when they interact friction or torque of some type takes place. The term coriolis means the circular eddy effect that any moving malleable material curls into when it is exposed to some outside resistance or inertia. The different grades of devic substance that make up the rays and the planes create motion as they attempt to neutralize or cancel each other out. Hence spin or movement is born out of some aspect of duality or differentiation. Pralayic peace can only be known or achieved when all the forces of the universe within and without have reached a point of abstraction or perfect equilibrium. This is one of the main tenets of chaos theory when viewed esoterically. There is perfect equilibrium at the center of all rotating lives (the laya point), but in all the myriad of organisms that exist in the outer periphery there are constant upheavals, adjustments, and change.

Stanzas for Disciples: "The Hidden Portal"

"An immense cone of fire is seen in the midst of an arid desert. A man stands in front of the scene in an attitude of indecision. The cone stands between the man and a fruitful country.

"Rises the cone from out the arid waste. Naught but its heat is felt, naught but its glare is seen. Its flames have swept the country and left the desert bare. It radiates forth a fire that devours all before it. All green things die and the dwellers on the sphere recede before its flame, scorching and burning, cruel and superb.

"White is its inner heart, red the surrounding flame, and yellow the spreading fire. Like a mantle of fierce heat it shuts out the vision and obscures the beyond. Like a pall of rosy red tinged with an orange deep it veils all the distance.

"From out the country full and green, across the arid waste had travelled far the Pilgrim. Naught had he held and kept, naught save his strong desire, back on the road he might not go, but onward to the fire.

"From out that cone of fire, echoing from its heart, swift to his ears a voice that said: "Behold the place of God."

"From out the cone of fire a note fell on his ear that touched a chord within his breast, and awakened quick response.

"Press on, O Pilgrim, towards the flame; brave the fierce ardour of the fire; enter within the portal which is hidden by its light.

"The door is there, unseen, unknown, watched by the Lords of Flame. Deep in the heart of yellow, close by the outer rim, lies the key that holds hid the secret. The threshold of that inner door, the step unseen that must be reached, will meet the feet within the fringe of flame. Put forth the hand and touch the door, knock thrice with pure intent. A voice will answer to that call. The words will sound: 'Who is it seeks the way?'"

In the last quotation above, the cone is a symbol of the vortex-vacuum at the center of which can be found fohat symbolized by the red of the first ray. And at the very heart of this column of fierce rotating fire, is white, which like black symbolizes the very synthesis of all rays into pure abstraction. From the heat of this fierce fire "all green things die," which symbolizes the third ray exoterically and the death of all manifestation and material life. The color yellow symbolizes high intelligence as well as the fourth ray. The Lords of Flame imbued with the three principles of spiritual Will, Love and high Intelligence are often symbolized by the color orange with an admixture of forth ray buddhic yellow. Orange, a symbol exoterically of the first ray, is also a symbol of the synthesis of all manas on the personality levels. The rosy orange referred to here is high aspiration of the sixth ray blended with the orange fire of the fifth ray of mind.

The statement by the Tibetan "From out the cone of fire a note fell on his ear that touched a chord" is key, since it describes symbolically how it is only when the disciple has developed etheric or internal hearing through the vortex formation that his personality note, egoic note, and later the full "sound" of the Monad can be recognized or known.

The entire theme of this commentary in Dynamic Symbols 2 and its other divisions is about what the magician must do in the meditative state once his personality and soul rays and their respective colors are becoming fused and understood.

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In the illustration of 'The Portal' we see depicted the egoic lotus as a great cone of occult fire rotating with light and sound and made up of the Will, Love and Knowledge petals. These three forces of the Solar Angel or egoic life must be unfolding before the door of initiation cone, vortex, and vacuum will open allowing access to first, second, and third ray force. "Put forth the hand and touch the door, knock thrice." The portal or door of initiation is magnetic and electrical in nature. Each knock symbolizes the mastery and transmutation of one of the three lower vehicles that must takes place before the first, second, and third initiations can be consummated. When the disciple's lower bodies, physical-etheric, astral and lower mental can vibrate in unison with these three higher solar and egoic fires one can then pass through the door or portal of initiation. Later in this process when the solar angel has done its work as intermediary the threefold personality will make its demands directly upon the three aspects of the upper triad.

The egoic lotus illustrated above is ringed by flashes of yellow and violet electrical and magnetic fire symbolizing rays four and seven, two key ray energies that will usher in the new age of Aquarius, a new world religion and a new world civilization.


Click on the image, then click the mouse and drag it from the left to the right until the image spreads horizontally. When it spreads sufficiently, the colored spiral forms will reveal a number of interesting and creative shapes. Many spiritual lives on the inner planes exhibit these nautilus wavelike chambered forms and can be influenced by the will of the magician once their color, sound, and vibrational frequencies are known, hence the importance of learning the right technique of occult alignment and meditation.