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Abbreviations for Books by Alice A. Bailey
Abbreviations for the Books by Alice A. Bailey
IHSInitiation, Human and Solar
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
LOMLetters on Occult Meditation
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
CFA Treatise on Cosmic Fire
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1925
WMA Treatise on White Magic
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1934
DNA1Discipleship in the New Age - Volume I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1944
DNA2Discipleship in the New Age - Volume II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1955
PHProblems of Humanity
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1947
RCThe Reappearance of the Christ
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1948
DNThe Destiny of the Nations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1949
GWPGlamor - A World Problem
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
TEVTelepathy and the Etheric Vehicle
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1950
ENAEducation in the New Age
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1954
ExHThe Externalization of the Hierarchy
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 19/19
EP1Esoteric Psychology I
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1936
EP2Esoteric Psychology II
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1942
EAEsoteric Astrology
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
EsHEsoteric Healing
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1953
R&IThe Rays and the Initiations
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1960
LSThe Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1927
LHThe Labors of Hercules
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1974
CAThe Consciousness of the Atom
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1922
SMThe Soul and its Mechanism
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1930
IIFrom Intellect to Intuition
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1932
BCFrom Bethlehem to Calvary
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1937
UAThe Unfinished Autobiography
New York: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951
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Dynamic Symbols

by Duane Carpenter
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Appendix I: Note

In the early seventies I visited with Mary Bailey, then the head of the Arcane School, at the Lucis Trust headquarters in New York City and made the statement that all of the Tibetan's works would eventually be translated into symbolic forms through color and sound, number and geometry. This would be done not only through symbols he clearly outlined in many of his passages, particularly the Old Commentary which is the very core teachings of Raja Yoga, but also through many of the hints and keys that he left for disciples to interpret in the later part of the 20th century and into the next.

Her response to my statements was that she thought much preparatory work needed to be done first. She may have been right, but as the great Wheel of the Law turns, renewed opportunity presents itself, and now historically the time has come to see this work of translating the Tibetan's written description of certain symbols into graphic and visual form. The writer of this article has put out a call to collaborate with any other esotericists who may resonate with this work. In the course of evolution cycles overlap, interpenetrate, and merge. The next phase of the Tibetan's works prophesized to appear in 2025 may already be unfolding historically to those who are sensitive to the new Aquarian energies. Those who understand it is not simply new information that comprises the heart and soul of revelation, but the "light" these words veil, and that the very mediums through which these new revelations are attempting to contact humanity must change and be upgraded.

Appendix II: Additional Information on the Vortex

There are several animated images below , repeated from the main text above, that although simplified carry this theme of motion to a new level and will pave the way for more experimental work to be done along these lines. These rotating symbols are not meant to be exact representatives of these broad and general ideas presented here but only approximations that will be later expanded.

Figure 14 (repeat)
Designer Unknown
Contact us if you know.

Figure 15 (repeat): Torus
From "Does It Matter" by Wendy Howard

Figure 16 (repeat)
originally from the website
but no longer available at that web address.

Some students may have viewed the author's invention the "Light Weaver" rotating machine, earlier called the "Wheel of Light". In the Light Weaver, for one of the first times historically, the symbol of the seven rays and the egoic lotus were presented publicly in constant rotating motion. It is this circulation at high speed of the symbol of the divine ego and the seven prismatic colors of the rays which can most closely approximate what is taking place on inner planes. If a student can have a visual reference on the form side of these arcane and advanced symbols they can be more easily reproduced and visualized on the high mental plane. If it is true that 'one picture is worth a thousand words', what then shall we say about an animated symbol that is no longer confined to the inertia of the physical plane but becomes organic and alive? Electronic and animated symbols similar to the "Light Weaver" will be created more frequently as disciples demand new and more advanced representatives of these hidden powers and worlds of energy and force.

A vortex we know is circular in construction and rotates. Although often elongated, a vortex has a specific place for energy to enter and a place for it to depart. Seen graphically animated, as in Figure 14, we can begin to understand how the rays, although separate entities or qualities, can nevertheless embed or nest seamlessly one into another without violating the essential integrity of any of the other six. The enclosed and modified image of Babbitt's ultimate atom seen rotating should be visualized as one of seven, each one having 3 primary rays and 4 subsidiary rays. When all 7 ultimate atoms are taken with their seven rays, we have 7 x 7 or 49 in all. Each level or vortex should be visualized as superimposed with greater luminosity and vibrancy one upon the other yet all are connected seamlessly into one greater composite organism. The rays and Planes should be visualized spherical and are more in the nature of a multidimensional holographic image as opposed to something tangible that we can force into a lineal chart or tabulation.

Images of this tenuousness were virtually impossible to create until just recently with the development of modern visual and animation aids. It is my opinion that as the new Aquarian energies pour onto the planet at this time historically there will be new methods of presentation that will show past work to be limited and restrictive. The additional enclosed attachment of the dual rotating spheres that I have included gives some idea in a somewhat different configuration of how this sinuous dance of deity might look etherically as it winds its way into manifestation then abstracts in the same reverse manner. Those students of the new occult super human physics as well as contemporary quantum physics may find additional insights from this animation.

Figure 12 (repeat): The Anu
Click to see larger image.

The rotating image of Babbitt's ultimate atom clearly traces the depression starting at the top of the elongated ovid down to the bottom of the sphere only to spiral back up again. This same dual process goes on infinitely but with each return to the beginning accruing the experience of having undergone the complete spiral-cyclical-rotary journey.

At the center of all this rotary-cyclic-spiral motion we know lies the Laya point of pure abstraction or progressive motion as explained by DK extensively in Cosmic Fire. This point of fohatic will represents the first aspect of deity in its most primal form. This dual rotation and spiraling from the further most bounds of its manifested body and back again represents the second and third aspects of deity and can be related to any organism from the tiny atom to any of the great star systems. This cyclic inbreathing and outbreathing has been described in esoteric terms as cycles of manvantara (manifestation) and pralaya (dissolution). The black holes recently discovered in astronomy are simply gateways to the etheric plane and higher realities.

We are also told by the Tibetan that the natural form of any organism on etheric levels and above is an ovoid or sphere.

Graphic by Duane Carpenter
Figure 28: Nautilus

Figure 29: Spirilla Illustration
Click to see larger image.

Figure 30: Heart Vortex

Figure 31: Heart & Nautilus

Press Play to Watch Video

"Spirals are the actual shape of fluid energy evolving order out of chaos. Even the two dimensional spiral reflects its connections with the higher dimensions of growth. It both begins and ends in infinity; it is a continuum which mirrors the harmonic ebb and flow between the polarities of positive (+) and negative (-), as well as between the polarities of infinite contraction, at the center, and infinite expansion, at the periphery. In a three–dimensional spiral — the spherical vortex — the opposing infinities dissolve into one another. It is visibly infinite; its beginning is joined to its end, it perpetually spirals into and out of its own middle, its center and its circumference eternally alternating their roles.....With its simpler spiral sisters, it is the form of order which exists of the very brink of non-existence; the most passive (manipulable of elements (water, gases, even electrical fields), from a smoke-ring blown from the lips, to a drop of milk released into placid water. The mushrooms which materialize in the field are governed by the same vortical laws as the mushrooms which de-materialized most of Hiroshima and Nagasaki...."
Lawrence Blair. Rhythms of Vision: The Changing Patterns of Belief
New York: Shocken Books, 1976, p. 72

Purusha: The Omnipresent Cosmic Person"In this universe, from the largest stars and planets to the microscopic basic elements, all things conform to cyclical spiralic form. In actual fact, this form is established by the interaction of two circular energies which are antagonistic to each other. To our limited senses, whether these be great suns or tiny electrons this whirling movement appears to be undulating orbits of diffraction of electrons or the elliptical orbiting of fixed stars. In actual fact, however, all these bodies are moving in logarithmic spirals."
George Ohsawa

"In the whirling of the force through the vortex (which whirling forms the petals of the lotus) it will be observed that certain petals predominantly stand out, and each centre demonstrates one particular type of cross."  (LOM:85)

"One of the fundamental concepts which is grasped by all magical workers is that both will and desire are force emanations. They differ in quality and vibration, but are essentially currents of energy, one forming an initial vortex or centre of activity, being centrifugal, and the other being centripetal, and the main factor in the accretion of matter into a form around the central vortex."  (CF:1018)

"When meditating in the heart centre, picture it as a golden lotus closed. When the Sacred Word is enunciated, picture it as a lotus slowly expanding until the inner centre or vortex is seen as a radiating whirlpool of electric light, more blue than golden. Build there the picture of the Master, in etheric, emotional and mental matter."  (LOM:84)

"The connection between the centers, the causal body and meditation lies hid in the following hint: it is through the rapid whirling and interaction of these centers and their increased force through meditation (the ordered occult meditation) that the shattering of the causal body is affected. When the inner fire is circulating through each centre and when kundalini is spiraling accurately and geometrically from vortex to vortex, the intensification interacts in three directions."  (LOM:79)

"A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuum in matter, resembling a funnel. This funnel is formed betwixt the one who sounds it forth and the one who is reached by the sound. There is then formed a direct channel of communication. You will see therefore why it is that these forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keys concealed."  (LOM:164)

In describing the first esoteric triangle for meditation the disciple must according to the Tibetan create a triangle of force between the 12-petaled lotus, the ajna center and the heart center in this way: "This is in reality more in the nature of a funnel of reception than a triangle."  (DNA2:182)

Appendix III: Dual Rotary Motion or the Vortex Effect
(Extracted from "The Devas" by Duane Carpenter)

The involutionary devic and elemental matter of the first solar system that makes up all of the material substance and lower intelligence that we now employ in our daily lives has an entirely different purpose and plan that is diametrically opposed to the evolutionary devas of the second solar system. This second solar system we are presently developing we know is one of love.

Figure 32
Press Play to Watch Video.

This first solar system, having created a necessary foundation for new and more progressive work may be considered hindering from humanity's present stand point because its nature is one of restriction and inertia. These two groups of devas, could we but see the greater scheme, are but forms of energy and force going in opposite directions, both impelled by the will or wills of greater entities then themselves. These two opposing streams of energy or force will explain many of the apparent paradoxes and inconsistencies to occult student who finds himself caught midway between these two immensely powerful forces.

Figure 33

Students of astrology will recognize the symbolic importance of getting off the karmic wheel at the 3rd initiation and stepping onto an entirely new energy source that is going in a different direction (where the law that governs the personality is being superseded by the law of the soul). Too often is the student apt to think of this description as being a mere metaphor when it may be closer to an exact statement of fact when the inner world of energy and force become known.

This interplay of forces going in opposing directions creates a dual spiral motion or funnel effect that simultaneously pushes the disciple down towards his lower desires, emotions and thoughts, and simultaneously from soul levels up towards a new experience of beauty, freedom and love. This dual rotary spiral motion that is going in opposite directions causes friction between two or more types of devic and elemental substance. Hence, until the lower vehicles are purified you have the heat and proverbial burning ground all disciples will experience when expose to a higher and more advanced type of deva than they are familiar with.

The only cure for magnetic corruption according to DK is occult fire, to pass systematically through the graded devic fires and let their fierce radiatory heat and light burn off the dross. Only those who can stand in the light of their triadic luminosity can rightfully be designated as "Lions of God". Giving up the personality's attachment to the material forms it has found itself confined to hardly characterizes the courage and fortitude shown by all advanced initiates. It is standing steady in the light of the soul and upper spiritual triad that constitutes true courage and that eventually leads to the "crucifixion" and a great "raising up" by sound, fire, and light at the 4th and 5th initiations. All is "occult fire" and the fires must be mastered to progress from one point on the path to another.

Graphic by Duane Carpenter
Figure 34: "A wheel was shown to me..."
Click to see larger image.

All transmutation and divine alchemy is facilitated by the student forcing themselves into the periphery of those more advanced lives of which he knows nothing. Only the highly developed will can sustain the temporary discomfort that is experienced when two or more different types of electrical fire are bought into close proximity with each other. Fatigue, irritation and burning are only a few of the discomforts of this fiery work. The disciple must ever guard himself against overstimulation. The advanced initiate having purified the lower vehicles has won the right to quote Master M. "to burn rather than to sleep."

Graphic by Duane Carpenter
Figure 35: An Ashram Is a Vortex of Forces
Click to see larger image.

The door of initiation or the passage from one fiery rotating sphere to another is all electrical in nature. When our personality ray vibrates in unison with the ray of our solar angel the two fuse and we slip through the portal of initiation with the least resistance. When the soul infused personality vibrates in electrical union with the one monad life the destruction of the soul body takes place and the stronger monadic force with its unique coloring and sound dominates. More insight can be gained by studying the electrical formulas of ohm's law than many of the flowery and poetic works that give inspiration to the aspirant but little information on how scientifically the whole process actually works and the laws upon which true occultism are built.

These dual spirals going in opposite directions create an evolving point of tension where the disciple becomes caught between his animal nature and his emerging divinity. Eventually the whirling egoic lotus with its superior sound, light-color, and vibrational frequency throws out all the heavier involutionary atoms within the student's three lower bodies. Only now the disciple can slip through the door of initiation because his three lower bodies or sheaths now vibrate to the same frequency as the soul on its own plane. All initiation is electrical and magnetic in nature. Like attracts like and opposites repel.

Figure 36

When a vacuum is created between two different energies or forces, the more powerful of the two will descend to fill that empty space.

The vortex is the configuration and design that energy will take to fill a void and span two different types of energy and force with the least expenditure of energy. The rainbow bridge or antahkarana is essentially a bridge of electrical and magnetic life, a dual vortex or place where energy enters and a place where energy departs; it is created out of the focused will of some entity affecting devic forces in their wide variety. Invocation and evocation in the meditative state constitute the science of setting in motion energy that can span and connect different levels of reality, whether it be to the tiny elementals or devas that inhabit the rose garden or to the grand wheeling universes that populate the inner planes.

The individual study of the chakras or force centers eventually lead the disciple into the realization that every form of energy or expression of inner life is connected at some point to all other Lives.This is the theory and law of Holism in its most basic form.

Figure 36a

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