HPB 7 Keys

To consolidate and leverage their own work and serve as a channel for the Hierarchy of Light , Alice A. Bailey peered deeply into the work of Helena P. Blavatsky .
Here is a collation of data on the nature of the "Keys of the Secret Doctrine" and its progressive revelation. In the sequel, we offer some conclusions and relevant comments .

According to " H. P. Blavatsky . (See S II , 33 IV , 192) *

1. Each symbol and allegory have seven keys . D. S. IV , 105-106 : V , 22-23 .

2 . Only three keys were available in the nineteenth century . D. S IV , 84 (cf. IV , 150 , 350) , "the last four of the seven that open well alongside the portals of the mysteries of nature are in the hands of the highest Initiates, and will not be released to the masses at least this century. " (HPB)